Thursday, October 18, 2012

BeautyArmy Expanding Into Health and Wellness?!

Hello everyone!

So, if you have been on my blog for sometime you know that I absolutely LOVE BeautyArmy. It's a subscription service that is $12 a month but YOU get to pick your 6 samples. I absolutely love this subscription service more than anything.
Unfortunately at this moment with the wedding next month, I have to cancel my subscription. I have missed two months and it saddens me! Baha anyways.

Recently BeautyArmy has added the Men's section to their website, where they offer mens products. I got a few for Chris the first month they introduced it. He loved it! Now they have just released another new option! Health and Wellness!

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I am so excited about this because when I get my subscription back, I am definitely going to be checking that option! So if you think about it, BeautyArmy now has their foot in quite a few different markets. I think that they are going to do absolutely fantastic in the Health and Wellness portion, goodness knows they are already extremely popular!

BA has only been around since January, that is not even a year! In my opinion I feel that they are more popular than Birchbox. ( i did have that subscription for a few months. very disappointing to say the least.) BeautyArmy even offers incentives for being a subscriber for so many months, recruiting people and doing reviews! I mean it is the ultimate subscription service in my opinion!

I think that the Health and Wellness portion will be just as popular as their beauty and skin care. I mean, who doesn't want to be healthy and find new products to help your wellness! Holla! I am so game for it! :P

I really feel that this is another fantastic step for BeautyArmy and I wish them all of the best luck in this new endeavour! I bet they are all excited about it! I know I am!

I definitely suggest that if you are in the US, you check them out! $12 a month might be more than one of the other beauty subscriptions but YOU get to pick your samples! A lot of the time as well, you get full-sized products! I've gotten quite a few, it's a nice surprise!

If you want to subscribe please click my referral link !

Yes, it is a referral link, no I am not required to put it and no I am not being paid or sponsored to put that. It's just a nice little thing :) Plus, it would be super cool !<3

I am so excited for them! Check them out on their website and on twitter :)

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