Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Lovelies !

Hello lovelies!

I know, two posts in one day! Crazy crazy. I was literally sitting on YouTube and listening to a few videos thinking about posts that I want to do on my blog and I am coming up pretty much empty handed! How crazy.

I might be gone for the week of the wedding (November 5 - November 11th) with the Wedding being on the 10th! I honestly might not have the time to blog because I have no idea WHAT to expect that week with Chris' family coming in. Because some time needs to be spent with them for reasons. (Reasons which we shant discuss. BUT they are good reasons so have no fear!) Then there is going to be time being spent with my family then just all around PREPARING for the wedding! Then on the 9th it is going to be a bloody full day of cooking! Which, girl! (and guys!) I don't mind, I LOVE cooking! <3 Its my other passion after beauty.

Anyways, almost went off on a tangent. I'm not sure what kind of posts that I want to start doing. Obviously review after review can get a little boring and that is TOTALLY not who I am! I love mixing things up and keeping ya'll on edge for what is to come! :P So I definitely need help getting ideas for what you all want to see/read! I definitely want to do blog posts that ya'll want to read instead of the same old bring schtuff! :P

I seriously tend to get super excited when I get really cold.. if you couldn't tell! I am not sure if it is translating into my typing but you have no idea how excited I am to be typing this blog post! Ahhh! :D

Okay okay, back to what I was saying. Sheesh scatter-brained lady is scatter brained! :P  I do have some blog posts that I have planned, but I can't take the pictures for them until I cook them. I hate putting blog posts up without pictures! .. well kinda, but still. So, I have going to put some recipes for the food that I am cooking for the wedding. (yes, I am cooking pretty much all of the food.. it is going to be like a hors d'oeuvres kind of thing. I really don't mind doing it, I actually am the one who suggested it! now I am not going to be the only one cooking! I am going to have help! Have no fear! CookingAutty is here!! ... okay that was pretty lame) I am also considering doing a wedding blog post or two. Ya know maybe like pictures and yadda yadda. makeup yadda yadda (a giveaway maybe?!) and things of that nature. Then I was thinking of doing one along the lines of how I planned it and everything since I seriously have had no help, except for my Mum, Grandma and my Lovely Aunt. That's pretty much it. I don't mind either! I love them all the more for it!


Anyways.. woo almost another tangent. Lol. It's pretty chilly here in Florida right now. I'm pretty cold, so I am typing in a happy frenzie and such ness. I want to also give my blog more life and personality. Help!? I'm such a knob sometimes when it comes to my blog layout. I wish I could get the twitter youtube button things, but I have NO IDEA how to even work that to be honest. The HTML aspect is SO CONFUSING to me.

Before this blog post gets to long


She is so purdy! :P I'm probably going to have to upgrade my Wordpress account and pay for more space because I hit 16% of my 3.0 GB, and I don't want to be running out of space! :P


Anyways, I am off before this gets too much longer!




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