Saturday, October 20, 2012

Influenster Beauty Bloggers 2012 Box

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I got my Influenster Beauty Bloggers Box today! I am so excited that I got it! It came on the perfect day as well! I woke up with NO voice. *sigh* So, this helped make the day better because I get to try out some products! I can't even tell you how stoked I am for this.

The first item out of the box is the EBOOST powder packet. Now, I HAVE used this stuff before, I got a box of it from Klout. Let me say, this is the one product out of the box that I will not be using, since I already have used it. (review here) I actually had to force myself to drink it, got maybe halfway through it and just couldn't do it. As gross as it sounds it came right back up. I know others love this product, so it is not for me. This is going to go inside of the box and I am going to give it to someone at some point, if I remember. :P

The next product is Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit. I am so excited that I got these! I've been looking for a pair of lashes for the wedding because my lashes like to just fall and go straight, no matter how much curling. This kit comes with 05 Kiss lashes, an application and adhesive and it retails for $5.99. I have never tried kiss lashes so I am pretty excited! Oh on a side note, the glue is latex-free so it is safe for a WIDE range of people and even are safe for contact lens wearers! Yay!

This product made me squee a little bit when I got it. The product is the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin. I have been wanting something like these for quite a while! So happy that I get to try them out! Ironically they are for light hair and I just dyed mine dark. Haha its okay though, THEY SHALL WORK! These retail for $7.29 for 2 pins. I am so excited to play with these and see what I come up with!

The next next thing (lol) is the NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact. The compact I received was for Brown Eyes, but I never listen to the "this was created for this eye color" deal because really, you can use those kind of palettes on any eye color. The colors inside of the palette just bring out the color of that specific eye more. :) The palettes name is Union Square. Its got a lovely set of colors. There are what looks like 2 mattes and 2 shimmers, a primer and an illuminator.  There is a Cream (matte) highlighter, a taupe-brown for all over the lid (matte), a darker brown and a dark purple. Both with shimmer. Oh my gawll so excited to play with this! Retails for $5.99

2 more products to go!

In my box I received the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. You were either going to get that one of the Curl Defining hair cream (same company). This.. just this! I have seen this company popping up in CVS, but have not tried them for some reason. I am excited to try this because goodness my hair has been so frizzy lately. No idea why. This retails for $6 for a 4-oz bottle.  The bottle I got is 1.5 Fl. Oz. It is still a ton of product because you don't need to use a lot with these kinds of products. Can't wait to try this especially since it is infused with coconut and silk extracts!

My last product is probably the one I was the most excited for. It is from Bath and Body Works. It is the Pumpkin Cupcake Mini Candle. Oh. My. Goodness! This smells absolutely divine! I am trying my hardest to not light it right now haha. (only because the fan is on :P) This little candle retails for $3.50. It smells just like a pumpkin cupcake. (which I might say I am so excited to bake in the upcoming month!) Just gives me happy feelings. I may not burn it and just carry it with me to smell it! Hahah (creeper right here!)

There were two other products that came in the boxes, but I did not get either of those, so you will have to check out the other boxes to see what they were! I didn't put any of the outside box pictures (not that anyone would want to see it anyways) because I practically had to cut the box to get it out of my mailbox because my mailman is too lazy to put it in one of the bigger boxes because it CLEARLY didn't fit into the actual mailbox. Lazy lazy. Oh well! :)

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Have you tried any of these products?! What is your opinion on them?!

Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for free by Influenster. I am not being compensated, paid or sponsored by the above mentioned companies or influenster to talk about these products. I received them to test and give my honest opinion. 

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