Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ipsy (MyGlam) October 2012 bag!

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Hello everyone! It is that time of the month again! Bahah not THAT that time, but Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) time of the month!

Before I get into it I want to say thank you too to the Customer service ladies! If you have noticed, I have not done a blog about Ipsy for 2 months (not including this month) My mail man has literally been taking them and the post office has done jack, I had emailed them last month when my bag went missing, after it said that it was delivered and they changed my shipping address on their own when they sent last months bag out. Which I didn't get till the 5th of this month. lol. Anyhoo. I can't remember her name, but just thank you Ipsy ladies! :)

Anyways, onto this months bag!

In advance, I want to say sorry about the fuzzy pictures, I have no idea what is going on with my camera! I will get it sorted out before the next blog post! <3

I was really excited to get this months bag, but at the same time I was extremely nervous. This month is the first month they used their "customizing" thing that they established late last month. I was absolutely terrified to get one of the colors because I knew it wouldn't look good on me. Haha, I was really worried, but thankfully I got Gloss Bomb #9. (I should probably tell you the product huh? Bah)

The Mirenesse Lip Balm Glossy Lacquer Stain in #9 (full size)

Now, I have never heard of this company before, so I was pretty stoked to get a color that I could actually wear. Granted it is not something I would have picked for myself, but its a nice color. Its a pinkish nude with orange undertones. It doesn't look half bad on the lips, but make sure you don't have dry or cracked lips. When I first tried this, my lips were gross and chapped and it sunk right into the lines and cracks. Now its not super noticeable to anyone else, but if you are aware of it, you will notice it! So far, I am very pleased with this product! I can't wait to try it out longer.  Oh, yes it is glossy, not overly glossy but a nice gloss and its not very sticky at all. For some people it may not be sticky, but for a girl who is used to only wearing lip balms, its a bit sticky but not off putting. I guess it would be like a regular gloss? This retails for $35.10 (holy cow!) 

The next product is the Be a.... bombshell Onyx eyeliner (full size). This is a marker eyeliner with a nice tip on it. You can get a thin line or even make a thick line! I really like that already about it! No, I have not tried it as of yet, I have swatched it though and boy is it black! I am really excited to try this out because I am trying to find another good eyeliner that I can wear for the wedding. Bah. I've never heard of this company either, so I am really excited!  This retails for $14.

Next up is the Color Couture Pequi Oil Treatment (.5 fl oz / 15 ml) I believe we got something from Color Couture in one of the other previous bags, but I can't honestly remember. I have heard of the company before, but have not looked into them. I know I heard about them through MyGlam (Ipsy) so. This oil treatment came at a good time because I just ran out of my Macadamia oil, the day this came. Bah. This retails for $12 for the .5 fl oz. I am not too fond of the way to get it out of the container, because it is a thick oil it takes a bit of time just to get a drop or two out. We shall see if this is better than my Macadamia treatment oil :)

The next set ( say set with a reason) is from Coastal Scents. It is their Eye Shadow Sample Set 3. I am glad that I got this set because then I can use it for the wedding on other people. :D That makes me a happy camper, I don't have to go out and purchase eyeshadows. This is my first Coastal Scents product, so I am excited to try it out! :) The colors I got were Maroon Berry, Flesh Tone, Caramel, & Light Bronze. I am not sure how much this retails for since it is a sample set. :)

The last product in the bag was a deluxe sized theBalm What's your type? The Body Builder Mascara. I've never used theBalm makeup before, I have their nail polish from one of the old bags, but have never used their cosmetics. I have not opened this because I don't like having a lot of mascaras open at once. So, I can't really tell you anything about this mascara. I don't have high hopes though. :P Not for any particular reason. I just don't want to get my hopes up about something that I wont be using for a while. :P

That is this months bag! Overall I am extremely happy with everything I have gotten. I am excited for the direction that Ipsy is going, even though I don't get the name change. In my opinion they are heading in the right direction bag wise. :)

Do you get an Ipsy bag? What color Lip Bomb and sample quad did you get? I am really excited to see what everyone got! <3

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! <3


  1. Thats an awesome bag! I heard it just came to Canada so I may subscribe for a month to see what its like, plus I want one of those bags! Do you know if we can still get this one!?

  2. It did I deed just come to Canada! You can't get this particular bag because it was Octobers and they sold out pretty early in the month, but I've not heard anything about Novembers bag being sold out! That was is going to be better than this one so far from what I have seen!