Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel

Hello Beautiful!

I got this product as a sample for filling out the Skin Consultation questionnaire on their website. I was really excited to try this because I have been wanting to try an eye gel for a long time, but just never found one I could use. (allergies)

Unfortunately, this particular one did not work for me. Well.. let me rephrase that, it worked, but it was the worst experience of my life... as of yet. I have been having a sensitive eye area lately and this seriously burned my eyes like no other mother. It felt like someone was taking a hot poker to my eyes. I had tried it on about 3 different occasions and it was the same result. It did not burn right away, but within an hour it was painful.

Even removing the product after around 16 hours my eyes still burned. :( Please keep in mind though that this is how MY eye area reacted. I do suggest doing their consultation to get the sample (if it goes with your skin) or go to Ulta or anywhere that you can purchase Mario Badescu products. I definitely suggest trying it before you buy it! Especially if you wind up having a reaction like I did.

For myself personally I can not recommend this product, but I also can not condemn this product just because I had a reaction to it. I think this would be a fantastic eye gel if you are able to use it.





Have you tried this before? Did you have the same reaction/problem?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free from doing their skin consultation on their website. I am not affiliated with Mario Badescu, nor am I being paid or sponsored to do this blog post. I also am not saying to go do the consultation to get "free products". Please only do it if you are serious about wanting to try their products that they think would go with your skin based on your answers. I think that it is fantastic that mario badescu does this so please do not abuse the privilege. This review is based on my experience. All opinions are 100% my own.

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