Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Grandma's Makeup Drawer

Hello Dolls!


That is right! I took a sneak peek into my Grandmother's makeup drawer. I was really interested in seeing what she used!


What I found surprised me! .. Well, kind of. I knew she wore lipstick, but I had no idea that she found foundation! It looks so natural on her! Just holy wow, that is a skilled woman! :P


I don't know all of the brands because the names were worn off of a lot of packaging, so you know she actually uses her stuff!


This was taken on my phone so sorry for the shoddyness of it!

As you can see she has 2 Covergirl compacts, then under it is a CoverGirl blusher. Then she uses an L.A. colors powder to set her makeup I am assuming. Now I didn't get the exact names or fiddle around trying to figure out whatever was. I am sorry that I don't have exact product names.


You can also tell that she has a CG Outlast Lip stain and 3 of their other stains that have that gloss you put on it. I had one years ago and oh my god it was horrid. Why? Because I was like 8 and it wouldn't come off! Haha these days I would welcome something like that.

She also had 4 lipsticks. Again, I couldn't find the brand names on these. I actually looked because I was curious. You can already tell that my Grandmother is an avid CoverGirl fan!

On this side you see that she has a makeup brush that has the remnants of something. (lol) A mascara, no idea the brand but I have never seen a tube like that before! She has some cortaid cream because she has very dry skin, her roll on deodorant, another container then she uses two shades of CoverGirl Clean foundation. You can also see that they both have different undertones, which I though was pretty neat.


I am sorry that I didn't get the exact names of everything in her drawer. I was over there for my wedding dress fitting, not to peak around her makeup drawer haha. I am sorry though! Next time I will get the names! :)


I hope you all enjoyed this post and seeing what my Grandma uses for makeup! She has very simple tastes and a lot of the time I've only ever realized she was wearing lipstick and blush, so it was a shock to me that she wore foundation and what not! Pft. She doesn't need it at all! :)


I hope you all are having a lovely day! <3


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