Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Two Favorite Nail Polishes For Halloween!

My two favorite nail polishes that I LOVE bringing out around Halloween are Zombie Zest and It's Alive from China Glaze. Unfortunately these were both limited edition with their respective Halloween collections. So you can't get these anymore unless you look around eBay or Amazon. I will be ever so sad when these run out!

Zombie Zest is from the 2010 Awakening collection. It is a yellow-green (or green/gold) polish with a slight blue undertone that is not that noticeable. It has glitter in it, but it's very fine to where you can't feel it on your nails at all. Which I like, because I don't like having to use a thick layer of top coat just to make it not skritchy.

As for wear time on me, it varies. Since my nail are normally paper-thin and brittle, my nail polish stays on from 1 hour to maybe a day depending on what I am doing. Now when I say normally I mean, my nails have been oddly strong and thick lately, not that I am complaining. I am quite enjoying it because they are growing beautifully! I unfortunately did have to cut them though. :( Bah

As for It's Alive, it came out in the 2011 Haunting collection. This polish is similar to Zombie Zest, but it is extremely thick, so you will only need two coats max on this. With the polish being so thick, it kind of makes it hard to manage and work with. The base for this one is more of a dark yellow-green with big glitter and small shimmer. Unfortunately this is one of those polishes that you need to use extra top coat on just to make it feel smooth. I do love this polish, so I can over look that. The glitter is round and the color of it is the yellow-green that you see in Zombie Zest. As for wear time with this, because it is so thick, it really depends. If I put too much of a top coat on, it chips almost instantly.

I really love both of these polishes. I do wear them throughout the year but once October hits, I wear them like crazy. I really need to find a second bottle of each because Zombie Zest is almost gone. *cries* It's Alive is about halfway.

Do you have these polishes? What is your opinion of them?!

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