Thursday, October 11, 2012

Revelations about being Plus Size

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a different kind of blog post. Its going to be some personal revelations that I have gone through in the past week.


Now, I have always been "bigger" for as long as I can remember, even as a child. I am used to the heckling, torment and the words that other people have thrown at me. Sometimes it even came from some family members, so needless to say it broke me down a lot. I didn't feel attractive, so all through elementary school, even if it was 90 degrees out, I was in a jacket. I always wore baggy clothes, I just wanted to hide away in a corner from everyone.


I've been called every word in the book, even easy when I am not. Needless to say, I have been struggling with confidence and self esteem for a while. I know that I am beautiful in my own way and I am loved for being me. Chris tells me all of the time that he loves me for me, even being big. He used to say "there is more of you to love" but I always took that as an insult. It always was an insult to me, when I told him that he explained that it wasnt what he meant and it did make me feel better.


That is not what this is about though. lol. What started my whole ish with everything is I am getting married on the 10th of November. Aka next month. I am/was absolutely TERRIFIED of wearing my wedding dress. Why? I HATE my arms. I mean I HATE them with a passion. They are big, I like to call them my arm pillows. Lol, just a me thing. Anyhoo for the past week or more I have been getting REALLY into the plus size blogging world. I've been following Plus Sized Panda for around 4 months I think but that was really the only one. Then I just had the urge the other day to look into more plus sized fashion bloggers. I am not into fashion at all honestly, but I am wanting to start dressing more like a woman. I'm normally in a pair of jeans and a baggy shirt. I really don't want to dress like that anymore. Chris doesn't mind it, but I do.

I want to be confident in my own skin. After reading quite a few plus sized bloggers blogs I have started myself on the road to self acceptance. I actually feel more confident that I did yesterday. :) So I thank all of the lovely #psbloggers out there :) I am going to start adding them to my Blogger Spotlight on Sundays. :) So definitely keep a look out for those! :)

I wish you knew how much of a positive impact that you all have had on me in the past week. :)


That is all I really wanted to say. I just wanted to get it out! :P


I hope you all are having a lovely day! <3


Don't forget that you are beautiful not matter what anyone says. No matter your shape or size :) Everyone is beautiful in their own way!


  1. Yay you!! It took me a long time to appreciate my body and sometimes I still feel "not so good" about myself. There are a lot little things I do to make myself good and one is constantly shopping around to find clothes that fit me well. Another thing I'm planning on doing is learning how to take in or take out clothing, so what I wear will almost fit me the best way possible. There are other really useful practices but they are a bit weird to put in a public space.

    I'm pretty sure you know who Cora is, vintageortacky, have you ever watched her fashion videos? She has some pretty good ones. I'm going to have to look up that one blogger you mentioned.

  2. Its taken me bloody forever to even want to start accepting my body. I can sew to a point, but I can't alter anything, I should probably start learning how too. Haha, I always found it fun. Yeah I know who she is. When she doesn't them I watch them, but that started before I got reallllllly into plus size bloggers. Which is lame. She doesn't really do much anymore which stinks.