Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review - Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T Skin Perfecting Mask

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all having a lovely day! I have a review of the Grand Central Beauty SMART skin perfecting mask for you! I got this out of my BeautyArmy kit a couple of months back and have just decided to use it. Lame I know!

The first thing I noticed with this mask is that there is shimmer in it, multicolored shimmer at that! It is very bizarre in my opinion to see shimmer in a face mask. My first thought was "oh goodness, I am going to look like a disco ball! I should wait until day light so if I look like a disco ball I can run outside and yell "I am Edward!" (it's a joke between Chris and I lol) Seriously though. I really did think that! Luckily after wearing the mask and removing it, I can happily say that the shimmer doesn't stick to your skin. *damn it there goes my fun LOL*

To be completely honest, when reading the direction for this I was extremely confused. It tells you to add a capsule to the mixing dish. What the H is the capsule?! I was thinking something small. I actually took to Google to figure out more into on it. Haha but nope, it's the entire container of the mask powder. I am such a bloody blonde! *seriously* I debated on using this mask so many times in the past before I actually decided to just use it!

After mixing and applying the mask, I realized that I could have just used half of the powder and half of the vial. There was WAY too much left over, at least another masks worth of product. It killed me that there was so much wastage of the product, especially with the price. Now I did get this in my BeautyArmy kit, but this retails for $75. Yes, that's a LOT of money holy cow! (moo) However for the "full size" you get 4 capsules, 4 vials, 1 spatula, 1 travel band, 1 mixing tub and dish. Now getting this in my BeautyArmy kit I got 1 capsule, 1 vial, 1 spatula and the travel mixing dish. I have no idea what the travel band it though. *shrugs*  I never got it on my tub so I have no idea what it is. I would assume something to keep the travel dish closed when travelling?

The S.M.A.R.T part of the mask means Smooths, Moisturizes, Anti-aging, Redness reducing, Tones. With only having the mash on for 6 minutes, I could feel it hydrating my skin. It felt amazing! Even at 6 minutes I could tell that the mask was pretty much dry already, especially my upper lip and around my nostrils. It does say in the instructions that around your nostrils will dry first and boy did it!

I can report that after 15 minutes my skin felt smoother, hydrated and the redness was reduced! (woooot) My skin also felt more firm, which I really liked. I did not have any problem at all removing this mask. It was actually pretty fun to remove! It felt like I was peeling liquid latex off of my face, I quite liked the feeling. (weird I know) I had seen some other review where they had some trouble removing the mask and had to rub and rub to where their skin was red from it. I honestly didn't have that problem. In the picture you can tell where the mask was a little too thin, I didn't have any trouble removing it. All I did was rub a little bit, but it did not leave my skin red or irritated from it. I think that to not have the trouble removing it you have to apply it very thick to not have that problem. Which is what I did to most of my face.

Unfortunately it was not applied evenly. :( That is one of the cons of not having good vision without your glasses. It looked like it was even without my glasses, but when I put them on, indeed it wasnt. Oh well though!

I do wish that I would have only used half of the mask, so I could use it again. I really wish I would have saved this for around the wedding. I can't afford $75 for a mask. *cries*

I really do LOVE this mask. As for it being $75 I think that is a bit much in my opinion for a face mask especially for what is supposed to be 4 uses. It is definitely not something that I could afford, so I am thankful I got the chance to try it thanks to BeautyArmy. Other than the price I think that this is an absolutely fantastic face mask! I definitely suggest checking it out once it appears in your selection window!

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Have you tried this mask yet? What do you think of it?! I would love to hear what you have to say! <3


I am really sorry about my lack of blogs this week. Yes, I know it is okay, but I feel bad. From having a post packed September to October starting out dead, it bothers me. However, the wedding is a month and 3 days away and I have been extremely stressed out for various factors. I have about 50 blog posts WRITTEN out between 2 notebooks, but I have to get the pictures/edit them and transfer the posts to the blog itself so please I beg, bare with me for now. :) I promise everything is going to be getting back on track soon! :)

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored or paid by the above mentioned companies to do this review.  I paid for this product with my own money.


  1. I can't believe how expensive the mask is--that's too bad. The shimmer would have scared me, too! LOL! Yes, I love to peel off masks!!

  2. I know! I was really bummed when I saw the price of it! D: Haha yeah, it was weird! I am trying to get more into masks, but the last few (not including this one) I have used have caused a reaction. -_-
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  3. This is a clinically proven mask which shows results in 15 minutes. They do sell one kit for $25 so by getting the full size of 4 for $75, there is savings. You can not get this result any where else for less than $20 when you get the full size. If you are on their FB, they give contests to win the mask and free shipping for full size purchases. I love this mask!!!!

  4. I didn't know that they had a $25 one honestly. I think its a fantastic mask as well, but for me personally even though the mask is absolutely fantastic, I just can't afford the $75 one