Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spotlight Sunday - ClickR

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How can you not love this company?! Florence (who is their CEO) is the sweetest woman! Seriously, she is so kind and she represents the company very well! Whoever runs their twitter (not hers) is also very kind! I have had nothing but GOOD experiences with them! That is what I love about a company when they represent themselves on Social Media and interact with their customers.

ClickR hails from Boston! So it is made in the good ol' US of A. Which is pretty neat. Chris and I are going to be heading up that way soon when we go to visit his familia. Their products are also Vegan, which is nice. Since it wont harm your face :)

I love their acne spot serum. (You can see my review HERE ) I got it back in my BeautyArmy kit in April. BEST PRODUCT EVER! I love their packaging, it is not over the top and tacky looking. I personally think it is perfect the way it is. Simple yet colorful. What do I mean by colorful? Well, they have three different lines of products.

1. No More DermaDrama is pink

2. Figure It Out is blue

3. Easy Karma is green.

Love it! Bah. They launched in 2011 but were founded in 2008. How cool! Until I read their facebook page (link will be at the end) I never knew that! To me it seemed like they had been around for 10+ years, I was really surprised honestly. Another thing I love about them is that they don't forget about the men!

I have noticed a lot of companies will kind of just forget about the men and cater mostly to women. Hello! Men need some skincare love too! I really think that this company is really wonderful!

I knew I had seen their company somewhere before BeautyArmy, but I couldn't place it. Sephora! I LOVED their packaging when I saw it ages ago in Sephora, when mine first opened. unfortunately, mine does not carry it anymore. :( So the only way for me to get it is to order it online. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I'm just iffy on ordering online anymore thanks to my mailman. (Long story)

You can still purchase some of their products on or check out their website HERE

Don't forget to check out their Twitter / Facebook / Florence's Twitter /

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