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Beauty Bloggers Tag

Hello everyone!

I saw Hello Miss Niki do this on her blog back in the beginning of November and SAVED the email (I get her blogs posts sent to my email best thing ever!) with the intention of doing it! SO here I am FINALLY getting around to doing it! :P I wasn't tagged to do it, I just wanted too! :P

When did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

Per my beauty blog, I have been writing it for over a year I believe. I "think" I started it around the end of 2010. I honestly can't remember when :P It's been a while. I was doing YouTube reviews and wanted to extend it into text form and it just blossomed from there! I actually enjoy typing blog posts more than a normal person should LOL.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

Fall in love with? I'm not "in love" with their blog, but I have been following it for around 3 years and its Sirvinya .I was following her YouTube channel long before she stopped doing tutorials and started to basically focus on her blog. I'm not sure if she still is going YouTube videos though. I do know she still does her blog! 

Most important part about doing a blog post?

I like to make sure that whatever I talk about appeals to my followers and even to myself. I'm not going to spend the time to photograph something for a blog post and writing the blog post out itself if I don't think that it will be something that will appeal to others. I pride myself on being extremely honest with everyone. If I don't like the product, I will tell you the reason(s) why and if I do like it I will tell you the reason(s) why I do. I don't feel lying to people will benefit anyone.

What kind of Camera do you use?

Honestly, I switch between two cameras. It really depends on what I am photographing. I've been having issues with both of my cameras though haah.  I use a Nikon CoolPix L110. That is the first one I started using and have just recently started using again. The second camera I use is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W370. I have issues sometimes getting the Sony focusing close up. So I just the Macro on my Nikon :P

What was the first blogosphere hyped product you bought and was it worth the hype?

Uhm the first product? *thinks* Oh! I remember. The L'Oreal HiP cream eyeliners! Those were the first products that were hyped and I just HAD to buy. Back then though, I was not very good with cream or liquid liner.. so for me back then, they weren't. They wound up drying out on me because I didn't know how to use them. ALTHOUGH the me now, totally thinks that they were worth the hype! They were pretty amazing! Pigmented and creamy, long lasting too! I'm not sure they make them anymore though. 

What are your favorite five things about blogging and being a beauty bloggers?

  1. Meeting new people for sure! I've met SO many other bloggers from around the world. I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. The support that comes from other bloggers! It was really not known to me how supportive other bloggers are! There is so much love in the Beauty community!

  3. When a company recognizes me! I'm not talking free stuff, I mean when I do a review and a company LOVES it and lets me know about it! I've had it happen a few times already and it makes me so ecstatic!! I get the biggest smile you have ever seen!! :P It is so flattering!

  4. Talking with others who have the same interests! I mean it would not be fun at all if there were no others around that shared your interests! Even just talking about it on forums, twitter and facebook. It's so fun to get together with other bloggers and just chat about beauty products! Goodness knows there is no one around me that understands the excitement I get over new products. (You should have SEEN me when I realized the new WnW palette is the EXACT SAME palette as the I <3 Matte lol)

  5. I've learned so much about beauty and even skincare since becoming a beauty blogger. I finally was able to get my acne under control which I had been suffering with since Middle school. There is ALWAYS something new to learn every day! 

What have you learned from being a beauty blogger?

Don't expect to get recognized right away. When I first started I thought I was going to be extremely easy. Well let me tell you right now. It is not. It really takes a lot of patience to be a beauty blogger. I've talked with friends about it before and they never knew what it took to write a blog post and even take pictures. They though it was like a 5 minute thing. Depending on the blog post, depends on how long it takes me to write it. It could take me 20 minutes, to even 2 hours! Yes, I have spent that much time on a blog post!

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?

Yes! I've actually changed a lot. I've changed how I purchase products, how I apply my makeup. I research new products like crazy sometimes to see if they are a good fit for me. I also don't just go out and BUY BUY BUY like I used too! I used to spend gross amounts of money on products I would probably never use. Now I just purchase things I know I will use. Yes, I know being a beauty blogger means buying new things, but if its not going to work with my skin, I am not going to waste the money! :P

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

You need to have patience! Don't expect to be discovered or get 1k followers with your first blog post! Also, be yourself and let yourself show in your blog posts! People like relating to the bloggers whose blogs they read! I know that I do! If I feel like there is ZERO personality or just something off about a blog post, then I honestly wont take the time to read it.  I think that a new blogger will get far as long as they take their time, don't rush and don't try and take on too much! You also don't need to go out and buy every single new thing that comes out! You probably will not use half of the stuff that you would buy if you did buy every new thing that comes out. 

Your Favorite Eyeshadow Palette?

That is a tough one. I actually love my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. (I don't have pictures right now of them) I saved up my money and purchased the original Naked palette and it was the best thing I ever purchased in my opinion! I also love the Naked 2 palette, but that one I won in a giveaway from Urban Decay themselves a while ago. With these two palettes you will have all of the neutral eye shadows you will ever need. One is cool toned and one is warm toned shadows! (also, shh I'm not saying this, but you DON'T need both. Since I won N2 in a giveaway that is the only reason I have it :P But I absolutely love it!!)

The Best Beauty Deal?

The ELF eye shadow "C" brush ($3) and the ELF angled eye shadow brush($1). I can use ONLY the angled eye shadow brush and call it a day! The one end is rounded and small enough for my crease!!

Makeup Regrets?

That is a hard one, but at the same time it is not. I have quite a few products that I regret buying, but at this moment, I can't remember them lol.

Name your top five Beauty brands!

  1. Urban Decay

  2. Revlon

  3. L'Oreal

  4. Maybelline

  5. E.L.F (eyes lips face)

Recommend your top give favorite beauty products!

  1. Urban Decay original Primer Potion

  2. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed poweder

  3. Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation. 

  4. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

  5. Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

Woo! That is the Beauty Bloggers Tag!

I tag anyone who wants to do this! :)

If you do this tag have fun with it! :P

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