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Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

I wont lie, I am writing this well before Christmas... like November 30th. :P
Do you have those Christmas memories that will ALWAYS stick with you. I know I have plenty! From being a child and getting so excited Christmas Eve that I had to FORCE myself to go to bed. My Dad ALWAYS brought up Norad Santa or the Santa Claus website and we would track Santa. It was seriously the coolest thing ever! They still do them as well! I wont lie I will be 22 on December 19th and I STILL watch it. It's really exciting to me. :P
My family never had tons of money, but you know what, my parents made Christmas special for my Sister, Brother and I every freaking year! Seriously, my parents are behind every freaking single Christmas memory I have and I wouldn't have it any other way.
We ALWAYS decorated the outside of the house and the inside like we were crazy people. I even had to put my Mom on a Christmas decoration buying ban one year because we had so much! It really wasn't a ban though! :P My parents bought Blow ups for the yard, we had a HUGE 55 gallon tote FILLED with only Christmas lights. Decorating the house was the best. It was so joyful at night to see the inside and outside lit up. The people in the neighborhood absolutely loved it! We really were the only ones who ever did anything huge.
My Mom absolutely LOVES Christmas, unfortunately this year she just is not feeling it. :( It really bums me out that when I go to my parents house that it's not going to be decorated this year. Skiing Santa, Santa popping out of his out house. The Christmas Trees, reindeer's, Lights all over the trees.. the Light Tree we always made from the mast hanging in the tree. It was so bright and colorful! I understand why my Mom doesn't want to do it, because there is so much stuff it takes a while to put up and it feels like as soon as you get it up, you have to take it down. It just sucks because it was always a tradition with the family to decorate like crazy people. Even when Chris and I moved out we went over and helped decorate. Since we have an apartment, we can't really decorate much. Plus, we don't really have any inside Christmas decorations except for our tree and MAYBE an extra strand of lights. Pretty lame huh. As much as I say that Halloween is my favorite holiday... secretly its Christmas because it is family oriented. I love the stress (no lie) of trying to figure out what to get everyone. Even though my parents said not to get them anything, I still am going to do it. We always get my Dad a Hess truck every single year because he collects them. I remember getting him one for as long as I could remember. Even when we really couldn't afford it, we always scrapped together to get him that Hess truck.

Honestly, through all of the tough times I am so thankful for my family. Even though we haven't seen eye to eye on exactly everything and here have been some extremely tough times for which I regret deeply, I love them for sticking with me through everything. I don't think I could ever ask for better parents.. actually I WOULDN'T ask for anyone different. <3

Going back to Christmas Memories, this one year, I was around 7 or 8.. I don't remember, My Sister, Brother and I were all in the living room. We didn't want to go to bed because we were so excited. We were watching out of the window for really no reason and all of a sudden this ELF walked in front of the window STARRING at us. It seriously freaked us all out. We told my parents about it and they went outside to check and see if they could find the person and there was NO ONE. They called and asked BOTH sets of grandparents if they were the ones who did it and they said No. We even asked the neighbors if they knew anything and no one knew anything. It seriously was legit and needless to say we were all in bed like 5 minutes later. That is the one thing I will always remember.

No matter what anyone says, Christmas music will remind me of my parents. The Alabama Christmas CD will definitely remind me of my Dad for sure. Him and I absolutely LOVE that CD. I have a lot of good memories associated with different Christmas songs.

My parents made sure to create some FANTASTIC Christmas memories for my Sister, Brother and I for sure. One year they told us they didn't have the money to get us presents, which was of course a bummer being a child, but that morning we woke up and holy crap, you COULD NOT walk into the living room! There were so many presents that it is not even funny.
Dad always dressed up and played Santa for us as kids and for other kids around. Seriously, he plays a beast Santa Claus. Mom has all of the Classic Christmas Movies. We always watched them together as kids. I used to hate it (not really) but not I kind of miss it. Chris and I are making a tradition to get a Christmas ornament for the Tree that has some relevance to us or something of that nature. This year we got one that says "First Christmas Together" .. it's etched into a Wedding cake. It's really cute actually.

When you get older, you start to Cherish those traditions that you had as a kid and you really miss them. However, you get older and create your own traditions and memories. The memories I had as a child though will NEVER be forgotten. (No lie crying right now) I'm such a family oriented person that it's not funny. I actually kind of hate when I don't get to talk to my parents every day. Okay this post is long enough!

Norad Santa

What is one of your favorite tradition or most memorable ... memory (hah) that you can remember?! I honestly would love to hear them! :)

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