Thursday, November 1, 2012

NYC Individual Eyes Influenster Review

Hello Loves!


Today's review for you today is one of the products that I got in my Influenster box late last month. I've used this palette a few times and I  figured that I could go ahead and do a review for you now! =^_^=


The palette I am going to talk about is from NYC and it is the Individual Eyes all in one palette (is it called the all in one palette? No idea) Anyways, the one I have is created for brown eyes and is called 938 Union Square. Now with palettes like this you don't have to specifically get the "one" created for your eye color. It is merely a suggestion of colors that would made said eye color pop. Anyways I was super excited to get this palette! The colors look so pretty!



Now in this palette me you get 4 shadows, 1 primer and 1 illuminator.  The 4 eye shadows are a highlighter, an all over lid color and they give you TWO choices for crease colors. I really like that idea! I also really like the idea behind this palette, you can just take it travelling or throw it in your handbag and have all that you would need! Now I don't throw out the sponge applicators. I do use them once in a while, I don't see why people throw them out. That is just me though. Unfortunately I did swatch/use this before I took pictures of it. Bad Autty! :(

Packaging wise, I feel that this very sturdy. I don't feel like it will break in a suitcase if you are travelling with it. :) It's a very hard plastic, which is nice! It doesn't have a mirror which okay with me, it is also just a smidge bulky, the lid goes a little higher than I feel it should. I don't have a problem with it though, but for those who don't like packages like that.

I want to talk about the primer and illuminator first.

For me personally, I do NOT like this primer. The first time I used this it creased within maybe 15 minutes at the most. I do have oily lids and this is VERY creamy and I just feel that it doesn't work very well with oily lids. I'm going to test this on my sister, so it might work better on people who have a more dry eye lid. As for the illuminator. Oh my gawll!  I actually really like this. It is another cream product that does have VERY small amounts of silver glitter in it, but it doesn't transfer, at least not that I have noticed! I use it in my inner corner to brighten everything up and its so lovely! It takes quite a few hours to fade as well!

I would show you the looks that I created with this palette, but unfortunately I had such an issue with photographing the looks I came up with. The eye shadows just did NOT want to show up. :( So bummed.

As for the eye shadows themselves, they are quite lovely. You get a creamy light highlighter color(matte), a mushroom taupe-brown(matte), a darker copper-brown(shimmer) and a dark plum purple(shimmer). You get two mattes and two shimmery colors, which I really like because I like using a mix of both so it is really versatile.  The two matte shadows are really buttery and soft while the two shimmery ones are a little harder in texture. I don't find them chalky at all and they are easy to blend.

You can tell that you definitely need to use a primer with these. With swatching all I did was run my finger over it one way ONLY ONCE. So I did not use multiple swipes to get the swatches. The highlighter is also the same color as my skin so it didn't show up at all. But it should give you some type of hint of the color.


This palette retails for $4.99 and you can purchase them wherever you can get NYC. I feel that this palette is a total bargain considering what you get in the palette itself.  I do recommend this palette and I can see myself using this palette a lot for a quick eye since everything is in one place. I am really considering going to purchase other ones to play around with!


Disclaimer: I received this for FREE from Influenster in the BeautyBloggers 2012 Vox Box. I am not being paid or sponsored by either company to do this review. ALL opinions are 100% my own and nothing will influence that. 





  1. Wow I had to SEARCH to find your comments section lol Who knew it would be at the top?!? Anyhooo is the primer you used the one that was in the palette? I never knew primer could make such an astounding difference to the colour payoff. Great post Autumn xxx

  2. Thank you! The comments were not at the bottom for this? Hm I will have to look into it! Thank you for letting me know!! <3 Yes ma'am! I used the primer in this palette to swatch the colors. I never use an eye shadow without a primer! Then again with my oily lids I need a primer or my eye shadow wont stay on to save my life! :P Thank you love!