Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sugarpill Pigments Review

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a review of the Sugarpill Pigments that I have. I think I've done a review on one before, but I am just going to make this a collective review right now! :P

Birthday Girl is a Princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkle. I really do love this shadow, but I sometimes have an issue getting it to show up correctly, or really showing up. I really thought that on the eye it was going to be a lot more In your face.. I guess? I'm thinking if I try it over a colored base this would look gorgeous though!

Asylum is a Metallic red with an orange undertone. There is also silver shimmer. Oh man, I've been looking for a gorgeous red shadow for a LONG while. My Mum told me they didn't make red shadow. LIES :P That is why I love Sugarpill, they have off the wall colors that no one else has! The pigmentation of this is absolutely fantastic! I LOVE wearing this wet or dry!

Tiara is a Metallic Silver. I absolutely LOVE this shadow. This is my favorite of the bunch! Unfortunately I had an accident with this and lost over half of it on myself and the floor. It was a sad day. No lie, it ruined the rest of my day. Anyways, enough about that. I really do love the sparkle and how metallic this shadow is. I've had other metallic silver shadows that were not as fantastic as this! I love wearing this as a liner on top with a little bit of black liquid liner just to define the eye. :)

Lumi is a Snow white with an iridescent turquoise. There is also a blue or green sheen to it! So pretty! I LOVE wearing this on the inner corner. It gives such a beautiful pop of brightness and color to the inner corner of your eye! No matter how colorful, neutral, or dark your eye is, this shadow is FANTASTIC on the inner corner. It's also fantastic all over the lid!

Goldilux is a Metallic Gold. I LOVE gold eye shadows with my eye color and this is no exception at all! The metallic-ness of this makes my eyes pop even more, even when my eyes are a dull blue color they just pop out with this shadow.

All Pigments are swatched dry & wet as well as over a primer and not over a primer. They are NOT packed on because that doesn't show its true color.

I really LOVE Sugarpill's loose eye shadows. They are absolutely gorgeous! Even their pressed shadows are fantastic! If you have no tried them yet, you definitely should! Each shadow's name links to that page where you can purchase it! Each shadow retails for $12 for 4.5g of product. For an eye shadow that is HUGE! 4.5 grams of product is a LOT, that will last you for-freaking-ever! Her pressed shadows are even 4 grams. That is such a bargain for a pressed pigment! I wish to one day own all of her loose pigments and even  pressed shadows. A girl can wish! (no but seriously, want) They also have a deal on trios that you can purchase! For $30 you get 3, which saves you $6!

You can purchase Sugarpill HERE on their website and on Beautylish

What do you think of Sugarpill!?

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