Friday, November 16, 2012

Weightloss & I

Hello Loves!


I decided that I am going to start tracking my weight loss  Why? Well, I've always been unhappy with my weight, BUT I have never had such an issue with it until I got out of high school. I was always the big girl in school, I was always super active, but never lost the weight. In high school I hit an all time low when I developed an eating disorder. (cats out of the bag) I've only ever told a couple of people about it, but I've done pretty well in keeping it in control and not doing it. :)


Chris informed me last night that we are going to start our weightless journey, RIGHT after I finished baking these amazing Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes. Bah. Which its a good thing, I have eaten a few, BUT it kind of ruins my love of baking.. well its not going too! :D I'm just going to send everything to work with my Dad (Busch Gardens) and to work with Chris (Target). I will just make everyone else eat it. LOL. :P

In all seriousness, starting Today, Chris and I are starting our weight loss journey and I figured I would keep you all informed on mine! Unfortunately at this time I do not have a full body shot of me, because I am always too self conscious about it! You can't even count my wedding pictures because I was wearing Spanx LOL. 

There that might help. You can click it to make it bigger. :P I didn't want it in your face LOL.

Look at all of those yummy cupcakes and the cake that my Grandmother made! SO TEMPTING. Coincidentally, if you would like to know how to make them, she kindly gave me the recipe :).

Anyways, so now you can see me. I'm not setting a weight loss goal end point. I will reach my desired weight when I reach it. I'm not even sure what that weight is, but I will know when I reach it! :P


I'm going to do a more "in depth" post probably on Monday because right now, Chris and I have to talk about our plans on what we are going to do :)


Have a lovely day!


  1. Im so proud of you...your beautiful...and you do what you need to to feel your best! I am always here for you and I network people across the US for weightloss coaching, fitness coaching etc....please let me know how I can be on of your biggest cheerleaders!

    Your B.B.B

  2. Thank you Love! I really do appreciate it! <333 I get unmotivated too easily, so that will definitely be a help!

  3. I have a massive fear about what people may think of me if i post a full body shot on my blog, a face shot is bad enough. I'm a real fatty, i was a UK size 20 on my wedding day 7 years ago and i've gone up to a size 26 waist and i hate being the way i am. Good on you for doing something to make yourself feel better. I wish i had your willpower and courage.
    Jules x

  4. Awwr :( Don't think like that! D: My wedding dress was a size 26, but was too big, even with it getting sized the week before. The other night I was wearing a size 20 dress, its insane. Honestly, I used to think like that, I actually used to hide in my room or never leave my apartment. It's a whole mental thing to where I can now even attempt to post full body shots or even have any type of willpower or courage to even talk about it! No foolies but I think you are absolutely gorgeous! It's been a long struggling road for me to even talk about it on my blog, but since getting married, I've had a fire lit under my tush :P

  5. Don't think in terms of size or weight just set mini goals, We can do it together. Look at my diet if you want on my blog. It is really really hard for the first few weeks whilst your body detoxes and stops being dependent on sugar rushes and junk food. I had jelly sweets and yoghurts to help me through!!! i now find I love fruit so much and keep looking for new snack foods like baked chickpeas (nuts) kale chips froyo etc. It doesn't need to be yucky or boring xxx Rose

  6. I have been eating so much fruit lately and I need to re-stock up on Chickpeas because those are like heaven to me! I've been doing really good about it lately, just don't know weight wise how much I have lost from before I weighed myself. :P Figures LOL. I read your diet and I am going to use tid bits from it and tid bits of probably my own because I'm allergic to a lot of stuff unfortunately LOL. I'm not worried about it being hard, even though I know it will be! I get de-motivated extremely easy, but I have my mind set this time and I know I have a group of amazing people who are willing to help me make it through! I know you have made some amazing progress with yours!