Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Belated Christmas!

I know I am putting this up almost 2 days late!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your families!
If you don't celebrate Christmas,  I hope you all had an amazing Tuesday!

I got some pretty exciting news! (Well exciting for me at least!) Since Chris and I decided not to go to bed Christmas eve, because we had to be at my parents house for 9am, and we would have over slept... I decided to bake cookies. BIG surprise right? Hah.

Well, I had planned on sending the huge majority of them with my Dad to work. (He works at Zambia Smokehouse at Busch Gardens Tampa) and I sent, Snickerdoodles, Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. (I'm going to put the recipes on my food blog later this week) Well, I guess they were a hit because everyone was requesting for my to make MORE cookies! They are even wanting to pay for them. I never had the intention of doing it for money. I bake because I extremely like doing it, plus it helps me feel better. (before you say something, I rarely ever eat anything I make. I may taste to make sure it doesn't take like death, but that is about it. Just for your info :) ) Funny enough, when I was baking I had jokingly said (to myself and the cat. Chris wasnt home) That I should start a business doing it!

Hah, I'm so thankful I got my Grandmothers love for baking. Honestly though, it was such an honor to have people actually requesting for me to bake! It made me feel a lot better. I'm taking a couple of days off from baking though because I baked so much this month that its not even funny.I went through I think 20 pounds of Flour and just as much sugar.. I think about about 2 dozen or more eggs. It's crazy! I love it though :)

I do need your help though. Every time I try and type up a blog post here, I start drawing a blank and just exit out. In the upcoming year, what kind of blog posts would you like to see? I've got a blogging notebook and I'm going to start writing blogs out again, that way I can do it while I am out and about and bored :). I would just love to know what kind of posts you like to see!

Don't forget my giveaway ends in a few days!

I hope you all are having an amazing day today!

How did your Christmas, or Tuesday go?!
xx Autty

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