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Wearing Your Heart On Your Nails .. Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is my first time doing a nail "tutorial". So please bear with me! xx

In my NOTD for my birthday, I had put hearts on my nails and had asked if you wanted me to show you how I did them.  The lovely Rose wanted to see how it was done, so I figured I better do it before I forget. I'm going to be wearing these nails for Christmas so I did them in red and green. The hearts are a bit hard to do at first I must admit, but once you get it down how to make them, it goes pretty quickly.

You could use a dotting tool, but I don't have one. I used a Bobby pin, it's pretty much works the same way as a dotting tool. You just have to be a bit careful with the end of the bobby pin, I have realized that. So onto the tutorial!

Oh.. I am by no means good at doing nail art, so please don't mind them :P

What you will need:

1 bobby pin pulled apart

Your nail polish's of choice

Base coat

Top coat

Something to put your nail polish on.

Cuticle Oil (extremely optional)


First of all, you need to paint your nails. It doesn't matter the color. For this I used China Glaze 3D Fantasy. It's a holographic red polish.(it has been discontinued unfortunately, but with the influx and popularity of holographic polishes you will be able to find something like it.) I used two coats of this. I was to STRESS THE IMPORTANCE of letting this base coat dry completely. To where you can press on your nails and not seen any type of indentation. If your nail polish is not completely dry, it will mess the rest of your nail up.

Take your second color and place a small amount of it on the surface you choose. (It could be a piece of paper or I used the lid to my Bath & Body Works candle since I can clean the polish off and reuse it) With this step, do not place a lot, because it will start to dry and could mess your nail up as well.
Make your two dots on your nail where you want the heart to be. In this picture I places them pretty far apart, but the closer the dots the better the heart comes out in my opinion. The farther the dots the bigger the heart and it becomes a bit more complicated to get it looking uniform. This nail polish is Orly's Jealous, Much?

How far apart you place your dots also depends on the side of your nail as well. My ring finger's nail is quite large so.. :P

The next step requires you do dip back into where you places your spot of polish. The reason for this, is so that it is easier to drag down and create your first part of the heart.

Place the bobby pin in one of the first dots and draw down in a diagonal. Then repeat with the other dot.

And there you have it! Your very own heart manicure! This is perfect for valentines day, BUT I am deciding to use this for Christmas. :)

Let the heart dry and apply your top coat. If you want your nails to be completely smooth, you may need to add a second layer. In the picture above, there is no top coat as of yet because I am not quite done, they needed to dry :P

On the tips of my nails I used China Glaze Glistening Snow and on my left for the hearts I used Jolly Holly from China Glaze's 2011 Holiday collection.

(Okay no idea what happened to my nails. Over night they chipped and the polish shrunk. I'm very sorry for them looking like crap in the last two pictures.)

For my base coast I used Sally Hansen's Continuous Growth treatment and my top coat is Out The Door.

Tip: The hearts that you do with your dominant hand will wind up looking better than those done with your non-dominant least that is how it is for me :P

If you try this out, tweet me a picture! I would love to see how they come out!

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