Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1 Year of Blogging!

Heyo everyone!

Today is my 1 year blogging anniversary! I'm so happy about that! I do plan on doing a giveaway for it, but for myself personally right now is not the time. I will get into that later though.

It really feels like I have been blogging for more than a year though! Maybe because I had my YouTube channel first, before I got into blogging, but the year went by so fast! With the first year behind me, I am so excited for many years to come!
I know for myself as a blogger and as a woman I have changed quite a bit over the past year. I don't have hundreds of followers or anything, but that is okay with me. I don't blog for followers, I blog because I love it! I honestly really do love blogging and I love doing it for all of you.
I do know that I am going to start blogging more, the past few months have been a bit hard on me, which is why I've not been consistent with my blogs like I was. I'm going to start back doing the Blogger Spotlights and a few other things and am going to crank out some blog posts to schedule. :) I've got a few planned :)
Thank you all so much for supporting me through this first year! I can't wait to see what this year and the years to come bring!

Now, unfortunately to the reason why I wasn't going to blog today. On Monday I lost one of my best friends. The worst part is, I had talked to him just 30-40 minutes prior to him hanging himself, which makes it a bit hard.. I didn't even know anything was wrong, he seemed so happy. I loved the guy with all of my heart and it hurts to know that he is gone and I wont get to talk to him every day. I know others who have dealt with the same thing, but it just hurts because I've never lost someone who was close to me. I cried all day and was an absolute wreck.. .. I can't even really say anymore because it hurts talking about it still
I really just want to say that if you are EVER considering suicide, please re-think it. I know its a hard thing and even touchy subject to discuss. Way back in the day, I considered it, but knew I couldn't go through with it because it would be worse on my family and friends then it was ever for me and I was going through a lot at the time. I knew that people loved me and I didn't want to cause the people I loved any pain. I know people say suicide is a selfish thing and to a point it is...They are relieved of their pain and suffering but the ones around them suffer greater then they would ever think. From the person who I was back in high school to the person I am now, I am SO glad that I decided against it. ... this isn't about me though.
Please if you are ever considering suicide, please talk to someone.. I know it's hard to talk about things like that, trust me I was in your shoes once.. but it WILL help.. I promise it will help. If all else fails you can talk to me. I am always here if anyone wants to talk.
As per Ryan, I am not angry at you for doing it. I know what you were going through and I know for a fact that you were not yourself when you did it. For the fact that you were wanting to fight your alcoholism without the help of Rehab or anything else, makes me commend you.. Most people wouldn't do that. I think it was the withdraw from the alcohol that made you snap and decide to take your own life. I know that because you promised me that you would never consider it again.  You knew you were better than it, but the demons got to you first! I love you Ryan! xx <3

I do want to state per the button in the right sidebar. I put the donation link that I set up there, just for a because sake.. really because I could. I'm not going to ask anyone to donate. Myself, Chris and a few other friends set it up for Ryan's family. We plan on sending the money to help them out. We feel that since all of us are scattered around the world it's the best that we could do. All of the money that gets donated is going straight to his family.

Thank you to those who congratulated me on twitter about my 1 year. :)

-Autumn xx

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