Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Battle of the Matte Reds!

Hello everyone!

In my SauceBox Cosmetics post, I told you that I was going to be comparing Sugarpills Love+ to Saucebox's Russian Rouge.

Both of these shadows are a TRUE red and matte as well! It is hard to find a GOOD red eye shadow, let alone a good matte eye shadow.

I purchased Love+ back when Sugarpill launched their boutique on Beautylish and have been in love ever since. When I saw that Russian Rouge and Love+ were practically dupes, I had to see for myself. I couldn't help but order Russian Rouge from SauceBox.. It was even better because I used a code from BellaShoot and got 15% off. Unfortunately that code expired, but I am sure that there will be another soon.

(Quick side note, does anyone else have to listen to a specific genre of music when they are blogging? I ALWAYS work better when I listen to a specific genre.. no lie.. okay back to the original post)

Sugarpill's Love+ is $12 for 4grams of product. That is a LOT of product.

SauceBox's Russian Rouge is currently on sale for $6 and.. well I am not sure how much product is in it because neither the website nor the packaging say how much shadow you get. I wish it did. Tis life.

These two shadows look like they are EXACT dupes of each other in the pan.

The only real in pan difference is that Russian Rouge appears darker.. in my picture of Love+, I am not sure why it is showing up orange toned, I can assure you that it is not.

I do want to say that I am the kind of person who does not like to pack on shadow when swatching. This is TWO swipes across the shadow. Also, I forgot to mark this, but these are swatched WITH and WITHOUT primer. Just imagine a line in the middle .. you can find of tell where the primer is anyways and where it is not. Bah

An up closer version of the same swatch, once again please imagine a line across the middle of these two shadows. I am a fool for forgetting it. Forgive me? :(

As you can tell in the swatches, Russian Rouge is more pigmented and brighter then Love+.  They are both richly pigmented, but Love+ also applies a bit splotchy where as Russian rouge goes on smoothly. As for the texture of these two shadows, they feel the same essentially. They are soft, but not silky soft. They feel a bit rough when swatching with your fingers, but you don't notice it when you use a brush.

There is only minor staining with both shadows, considering the amount of pigment you need to make a red eye shadow, it doesn't bother me. All you need is a little extra makeup remover and you are good to go. There is only a slight tint left over, but if you don't know it is there, you wont notice it. :)

In my opinion, out of the two of these, I think Russian Rouge wins the battle. I'm sorry Love+  :( I love you, but Russian Rouge is more pigmented in this case. It is also cheaper being on sale for $6.

You could definitely use both of these eye shadows wet, it would make them brighter and the pigment look even more amazing! :P I do know that if you pack on Love+ it looks amazing, but for two swiping and going on your way, I prefer Russian Rouge.

What is your opinion of the two shadows?!

You can check Russian Rouge out HERE

and Love+ HERE

Signature 2

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with either company. I purchased both eyeshadows with my own money. I am not being paid, sponsored or compensated to do this review. All opinions are 150% my own. 


  1. Russian Rouge seems to have more pigment.

  2. Oh for sure! There is just something about it that makes it pop a lot more..