Friday, January 11, 2013

Top Coat Throwdown

Heya loves!

Before I get into the purpose of this blog post, I just want to restate a few things from my earlier post. I did switch blogging platforms because it was becoming an issue with people only being able to subscribe VIA email. So I eliminated that (kind) and switched to Blogger from Wordpress. So unfortunately yes, you will have to re-subscribe (if you were previously) but you can do so through GFC (Google Friend Connect) or once again VIA email. I do want to point out, that for an upcoming giveaway or two, GFC will be part of it and what not :)

ANYWAYS, so what we are here about today!

I was just going to have this be a NOTD (Nail of the Day) post then I remembered I told a few people I was going to do a comparing blog post of these two top coats... or at least a review of one of them. I figured I would compare them, since they are the two that I currently am switching between. Maybe down the road a little bit I will do comparisons of the 3 I have, heck maybe I will even have a few more baha. Anyhoobles.

The two polishes that I used were both from Essie. The lilac-grey color is Miss Fancy Pants and the glittery parts is Stroke of Brilliance from their Luxeffects line.
 My basecoat is the Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment (being discontinued scoops this bad boy up ASAP it's amazing..also.. it's not pictured below)

For my Top coats I used Out The Door and ORLY HI Shine.
Out The Door can be purchased at CVS and Sally Beauty Supply, I'm not sure where else. CVS is where I found mine.
HI Shine .. well that is a different story, I found mine at TJ Maxx, but I've never seen it before and apparently neither have a few nail bloggers I talk too.. I got this for $4.99 at TJ Maxx.

Out The Door claims to be Americas #1 Super Fast Drying top coat. I do agree with that, it does dry extremely quickly. However, don't expect to be able to walk out the door, especially if you didn't wait for your nail polish to fully dry (without realizing it..this happened to me)
You get a pretty nice amount of shine out of this top coat. On my pink and ring finger I used two coats and on my middle and index fingers I used 1 coat.. Just to show. You do get more shine if you use two coats of it. However, two coats is not necessary, especially if you are not using a top coat eater (like glitter) this glitter topcoat I used isn't a TCE (top coat eater) thankfully, but I still did 1 and two coats just to show. This is an absolutely lovely top coat. This also claims to be "long-wearing" and will not yellow... I've never had a top coat "yellow" on me, I didn't even know it could happen... As for long wearing, for me, it is long wearing. I can't say days and days because I have shoddy nails and nothing lasts days and days on me. No matter how much prepping or anything. It is just the nature of my nails I guess. HOWEVER this one does last longer than other ones I have tried so yay on that!

ORLY's HI-Shine is new to me..well kind of, I've had it for a few weeks, but new to me as in I've never seen it before. In the bottle this has a blue tinge to it, but comes out clear when used. The brush for this, in my opinion leaves something to be desired. Don't get me wrong, I like the brush itself, but not the way it is cut. It is cut in a really wonky manor that if you don't check to see if your nail polish if fully dry, it can tug and pull it.. it happened to me on this manicure actually...on my pinkie to be exact. I really do like the bottle of this, I'm not sure what it is, but it just reminds me of being slightly vintage-y.. it's a me thing okay? This handle of this, has the typical rubbery ORLY handle, which I actually quite like. I do find that between the two of these, Hi-Shine is more "shiny" or glossy if that is what you prefer. Particularly, it does make the nails looks sleep and finished, even when they are painted a little shoddy.. ( I did my nails in half shame) It also makes them look even.. thankfully. On my left hand, I'm not sure you can see it in thee pictures, you can tell the polish was uneven.. where as on my right hand (this top coat) it looks even and just.. dare I say perfect? .. Well not really perfect, but you get my point? As for HI-Shine, I think that there are top coats out there that can give you a more shiny effect, however this one is pretty shiny.

Between the two top coats, it is hard to say which one I like better. I actually quite like both of them honestly. It really boils down to what nail polish I use on my nails per which one comes out looking better. Does that make any kind of sense? I've had times where the Hi-Shine was out shined by the Out The Door and vice versa.

Here is an example of what I mean by one out shining the other. On the left (pinkie/ring) is Out The Door on the right is HI-Shine. (middle/index)

Oh! All pictures were taking as the sun was halfway up in the sky.. aka morning light :)

Have you tried either of these top coats? Which is YOUR favorite Topcoat? I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a new one! xx

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