Friday, February 1, 2013

Skinny Sprinkles Review

Hola everyone!

This is going to be a different kind of review!

What I am going to talk about is Skinny Sprinkles. What the heck is Skinny Sprinkles?!
Welp, it is a food supplement to aid in weight loss and increase alertness   Pretty much it is  a Weight loss / Energy Drink powder. It helps to curb your appetite, helps you feel fuller and it helps you feel more energized so you can do more exercise and basically.. to help you feel energized and ready to take on the day!

I first heard about this product from my lovely friend Rose (milkymoles) over in the UK. This product was working so well for her that I contacted the company in hopes that they would let me try it! You have no idea how bloody excited I was when they agreed and sent me some of their product! It was really exciting. It only took about a little over a week to recieve it, even with it coming all of the way from Wales!  This is made from REAL strawberries so it is supposed to tasted amazing.

I was given enough for at least a week. You are supposed to take this 3 times a day and I figured if I am wanting to see any kind of results, I had to take at least 1-2 to make it last long enough for results to show. Unfortunately for me, the first time I took it, I wound up falling Ill for almost a month! So I didn't want to take it and eat less than I already was. So when I was FINALLY feeling better, I started taking it again.

I do want to say, don't take this with water. It's not that pleasing when you take it with plain water! I suggest mixing it with Milk, or I have thrown it into a fruit smoothie. That is the best way I have found is to throw it in a smoothie. I think trying the E-Boost and the original EmergenC have really scarred me and makes me afraid to taste powdered supplements. No lie. The E-Boost is HORRID. This however is not. The taste is okay as long as its not in water and it is WELL mixed into your milk or smoothie.

Did I lose weight? Yes, I lost around 5 pounds. It potential could have been more, but  I really hate calorie restriction. Granted I have started eating healthier, I just don't like counting calories because I don't want to think of it as a diet. Once you start thinking something is a diet, that's when it all goes south. At least for me. I can NEVER stick to a diet. I will eat healthier and WATCH what I eat, but I wont consider it a diet. I don't even like the word.

I do feel that this product is fantastic. I think if I would have been able to test it for a longer period of time, then it would have been more successful. Or at least test it the correct way with 3x a day. Myself personally. I don't think you can see a change in a week. It's probably a me thing.

You can purchase this on their website and it is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!
Since this product is from overseas and is located in Wales, for those who live in the US you will have to convert the  money to Great British Pounds. (GBP) If you want to purchase the 42 serving tub it is £39.97 or $63.37. So it is bloody expensive for us in the US. If you want to just get the 9 servings trial pack it's £11.97 or $18.98. Still expensive but not as expensive. That is on the Skinny Sprinkles website itself. On Amazon however you can get the 42 servings tub for $49.99 and the 9 servings for $19.97

I honestly do love the product, but it is one of those I love the product but not the price. I think it is bloody fantastic. There is scientific evidence that this product works, which is why I will stand behind it. I know Rose has gotten absolutely fantastic results from this and I am so proud of her! I think if you are in the UK and can get it there, definitely go for it! As for us ladies in the US, I am on the fence about it because of the price. Oh good lord. I almost forgot. Okay this is pretty embarrassing and I went back and forth about putting this, but my Mum told me I should put it because of the fact it is associated with the product itself.  When I say that it is embarrassing . it truly is. I'm blushing and really not wanting to type this next sentence, but all for giving my honest review. Okay. So... (if you knew how bloody red I was from being embarrassed you would totally understand) I found out whilst taking this product that it made you poo.. a lot. I don't know if anyone else experienced this, or if it was just me. I felt like I was forever in the bathroom. I guess it's not a bad thing, but come on now.. how embarrassing LOL. God it killed me to type that, but I like giving honest reviews.
This does make you feel quite full and I found that I was snacking extremely less and I was NOT craving sweet things like I used too. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a bloody night owl..  blame insomnia but that is just me.. When I am up at night I eat.. and eat and eat. Like a crazy rabid animal. I used to actually binge eat at one time, but that is another story. This really helped me keep my appetite in check and I found that I was snacking less and less and I wasn't frantically searching the cabinets in the kitchen and the fridge and freezer like a lunatic. So I am grateful for that.
This is a bloody genius product. I wish things were flavored in a good way over here! I'm too afraid to try weightloss supplements from over here honestly. I am happy about the weight that I lose, even with it only being 5 pounds. To me that is better than losing nothing at all! So I am pretty pleased with this product, minus the whole pooing constantly thing.

Check out the Skinny Sprinkles Website!
Purchase them on 42 servings tub / 9 stick packets
Don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook
Speaking of following them. How freaking cute is the packaging! Good lord I love the model!

I believed I covered everything. If I missed something PLEASE let me know!!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I actually like the flavour with water. But it is better with milk. Its not horrible and I'm mega fussy! Also they often do 20% off but I dunno if that's foe international too. Its okay! It does make you poop! The glucamanan, the main ingredient in them or whatever is a fibre. What is fibre for? What does it do? It makes you poop! i have IBS and it helps a lot because otherwise I seldom poop. Don't really see why you find that embarrassing:/ everybody poops! Especially those who have a good intake of fibre :D so hopefully you're enlightened now :3 I am really proud of rose (milky moles) too. She helps motivate me! I don't think they're that expensive tbh. Though everything in the US is cheap compared to over here, like half the price! Its not made in china or any crap so its good stuff, it could be cheaper if they manufactured in china but wouldnt be as good and probably wouldnt be full of fresh strawberry! So I am okay with it but saying that I tend to wait for the 20% off. Hope that helps and thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to try in a smoothie after I saw Rose do it but I keep forgetting! xx

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      To buy it from the SkinnySprinkles website it's double the price for me to purchase. If I were to buy it from Amazon, it rounds out. It is embarrassing to talk about because, well I don't know why. I know what is in it because I had to read the nutritional facts per my food allergies. There is a 20% off, but I believe it only works for the SS website itself, and I find that it is cheaper on Amazon, so when I do repurchase it, it will have to be from there.
      I think if it were made in China it wouldn't be as popular as it is. I just find that it is embarrassing to talk about pooping, I decided to not go into detail on why it is embarrassing because I felt it was better left unsaid.
      Rose is such a sweetheart and I am so proud of her! I am glad that she helped you as well! She will be really happy to know that!!! I've not tried it either honestly, I kept forgetting as well.
      Thank you again for reading! xx

  2. Hi autty! What a great result! I like the *ahem* laxative results as I take mega strong painkillers that can clog me up. Also it helps me to feel clean and detoxed (if you know what I mean lol) I did research on the individual ingreadients and tried (for hours) to see if I could make it cheaper my self. You can't plus I have no idea how to add the strwberries lol xxx great review

  3. This is so awesome. I wish it wasn't so expensive so I could try it. :( I've been wanting to lose weight forever, but nothing I do seems to work, which really sucks. :(

  4. The way I think of losing weight is not as a diet. It's more of a lifestyle change. The INSTANT you think of it as a diet is when you start to cheat etc on it. That's what happened to me in the past. I feel that losing weight is easy as long as you set your mind to it and not think of a diet. I pretty much gave up all fast food and am working on cutting Soda and sweets out of my life.

  5. Autumn, I agree with you that weight loss is indeed a lifestyle change, rather than a magic pill. While you can achieve some short term results with some tricks or pills, they won't last for longterm. I think the good thing about Skinny Sprinkles is that it endorses you to use it alongside with diet or fitness program.

    Tracy ,

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