Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Origins Zero Oil Review

The other night I was talking to Chris about how much I was avoiding this review because I absolutely hate talking negatively about products. I can't even return it because I can't find the receipt or shipping paper. Oh well. 

Zero Oil is marketed as a product that keeps places that you get shiny matte ALL DAY. When I first decided on buying this I thought it was a lotion, I apparently read this wrong because it is the farthest thing from a lotion. It is a liquid that if you are not careful with goes everywhere. This also has a gritty feeling to it, however it does go away the more you rub or pat it into your face so that is one good thing. 

When using this you have to make sure you shake this up EXTREMELY well. Figure the few times I did use it, I was shaking this for almost 5 minutes each time, so it's hard to shake up. The first time I applied this, I used my fingers, I didn't know that it was a water consistency until the first time I used it, then I also found out that you have to be oh so extra careful or it goes all over you. I applied it to my nose and cheeks, because those are the two places that I get the most oily and shiny throughout the day. Onto mistake number two, I assumed this would be like a moisturizer, I was wrong.. I don't think I have ever been so wrong in my entire life. My nose and cheeks were so dry that it's not even funny, it was practically like a desert. My skin started to produce extra sebum to compensate for the desert that was now my face. I was oily within 15 minutes of using this, which NEVER happens, even if I DON'T moisturize. 

Okay, so those were my mistakes.You live and learn. So I tried it the next day and this time I made sure that I moisturized before hand and used a cosmetic sponge. It was as bad over the moisturizer, but let me tell you my nose will never be the same after this. It's still quite dry and no me gusta. Regarding the sponge, I didn't have it any easier. the liquid soaked into the sponge so quick that it was like BAM BABY I am a dry sponge. Wtf?!  I wound up wearing a LOT of as well when trying to use the sponge because it seriously would skip and slide right OFF the sponge as well and soak in instantly...My legs were sure dry and shine free! (not that they get shiny anyways!)

The size of the container is smaller than I assumed it would be bigger than it is. It's 18mL or .64 fl. oz. The bottle is quite small, about the size of my index finger. Considering this retails for $14, I definitely do not think it's worth it because you wind up wasting more than you use.  I was actually a bit pissed when I pulled this out of bigger box that I had ordered from I wanted so bad to send this on a one way trip back, but I can't find the receipt to save my blummin' life. 

I'm really sorry for such a negative review. I extremely dislike doing negative reviews, but alas it needed to be done! 

PS I want to say thank you to everyone who kept distracting me as I tried to type this, I planned 20 minutes to type this, edit pictures etc and it's so far taken me over an hour... thanks. 


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