Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chit Chat!

Hey loves.

This is definitely going to be a different type of post. If you have noticed, I have been a bit lax on all social media lately. I'm not gonna lie, I lost a bit of my uumph. I'm starting to get that fire under my tushy back though, which is good. Lately I know that I have definitely been lax. It's allergy season and it's not been very kind to me! I'm allergic to EVERY-THING that is outside, I'm allergic to my cat, my dogs, etc.. normally it doesn't bother me but oh my gall the pollen has been insane! Then ontop of it, I caught the flu. Bloody hell! I almost got lucky, I practically avoided everyone who was sick, THEN my niece and nephew got sick and BAM I got the flu. Pfffttt! So I've definitely been down and out, I've not been playing with makeup because obviously I don't want to infect everything with my germs... so I definitely am waiting until I feel better to do any of that.

I did start a new skincare regime, so I definitely will catch you all up on that very soon, it's going pretty damn well if I must say! I've also decided to try a self tanning thing from Beautisol. It's a Tea Tan so I am hoping it will go well, I've seen a few people use it and have liked the results, so we shall see how it goes!

I also wanted to mention that I was accepted into i-Fabbo! I was so freaking excited when I saw that! Not only that but I was also accepted into the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers group! Gah! March started off really damn well for me! :D :D I am going to fiddle with my layout a bit because I have to add the CFBbloggers button to my side bar, but I also have to add my bloglovin' button. In June or July (I can't remember) Google is getting rid of GFC! -_- That is one of the reason's that I came BACK to Blogger. Le sigh. So please please follow me on Bloglovin', Hello Cotton, or by email. It would mean the absolute world to me! I do know that it is going to screw with a LOT of other bloggers....well it's going to really screw everyone over. I don't know why Google decided to get rid of it!

I also wanted to mention to all of you bloggers out there that the FTC updated their stuff and there are new guidelines that are supposed to be followed so PLEASE check out. Phyrra's blog post about it. So that is really screwing everything up! Bloggers are really being thrown for a curveball lately. I've always disclosed multiple times in my blog posts that I have been given a product for free and what not and where it came from, so I know I am adhering to that aspect of the whole damn thing. But I do know some bloggers that don't even disclose at all and that personally bothers me. A couple of blogs in particular I have been able to tell when they were given something for free, just by the way they talk about the products. Which is a shame because then it makes them look biased. So please, for your sake and everyone else's disclose if you got it for free and what not.

Like I said earlier, I am going to be updating some stuff on my sidebars, and I do want to state right here that I do have an affiliate link on my sidebar, it is stated that I am an affiliate, and I do get a VERY small commission from it when someone BUYS from their website. That's it.

I've not announced it yet but I have chosen the winner for my giveaway, I've not emailed her as of yet but congrats to Rena! I will be emailing you shortly.!! :)

So, just to reiterate, PLEASE follow me via email, hello cotton or bloglovin' because Google is getting rid of GFC :(

I hope you all are doing well!!!!

<3 Autty

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