Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Eye Shadow "Tutorial"

Hi everyone!
*waves like a crazy person*
So, just as a kind of disclaimer, this really is NOT a tutorial. My skin absolutely HATES me for what I did to it for the sake of this post.

The basis of this post is basically, I see some crazy ways that people wear makeup, especially around where I live. I'm not even going to tell you some of the stuff I have seen. I figured, it would be kind of "fun" to maybe recreate some of the looks that I have seen around. I'm not making fun of anyone. I've not taken pictures of people either. The only face you will see is mine, and maybe Chris' if I can convince him to let me make him look 'sexy'. :P

So without further adieu lets look at how "sexy" I made myself look!

I know that this doesn't look "too" crazy but her look is way more crazy. The woman who's look I am recreating is a Cashier at Walmart. (figures right?) She ALWAYS have this eye look on, but she has blue glitter on her eyes as well. I don't have blue glitter so I used what I had

On my eyes I used Urban Decay Crystal from the BOS IV.
I also used a metallic blue liquid liner. I don't remember what brand it was because I can't find it now. Figures.

My face turned out VERY toned down in pictures, but not in pictures, it was VERY orange. Le sigh. 
I also heavily applied pink blush and contoured mah face (badly I guess) with a funky brown shadow. That's her whole look that she wears everyday. I guess I could have done it better, but honestly. What the hell its sexy right?!
That is how her eyeliner always looks. Cray cray right? I always want to take a q-tip and fix it for her.

I honestly do want to say before I get crap for this. This is just for fun. I never plan on taking pictures of the actual people, that's just rude. Nor am I making fun of them. I am merely just recreating their outrageous makeup looks because I thought it would be something fun to do. If this is taken wrong, I wont do it again. 
I had a lot of fun recreating this even though I didn't have the bright blue glitter, I'll have to ask her where she guys it. 


  1. If she's wearing liner like that someone needs to send her to watch some YouTube tutorials. ;)

    1. 1) Fangirling. 2) That is seriously how she wears her eyeliner.Her eyelids are a lot smaller then mine so it honestly looks a lot worse on her. D: I definitely might have to suggest that to her the next time I see her hah.