Monday, April 29, 2013

Grand Central Beauty Skin Perfecting™ Polisher

Hello everyone! Today for you I have a review of Grand Central Beauty's Skin Perfecting™ Polisher! This is one of their newest products to hit the shelves. It came out recently back in February! This product exfoliates, peels and tones the skin in ONE step! How awesome is that?!
This product is made with fruit acids, botanical's and polishing beads. This product is the first of it's kind so that is a very exciting thing in general! This is also for all skin types.

This retails for $38 for 1.6fl oz (30mL) It seems like a lot of money BUT you only needs a small amount. So this is definitely worth the money and it definitely will go a long way.

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Back in January there was so much going on IRL and I had been talking about it on twitter. GCB had reached out to me and offered to send me something to help make my week (more like month) better. You have no idea how happy that made me, not because they were wanting to send me something but because a company cares so much about their customers. That is definitely a very good trait for a company to have! It makes me love them even more.


The polish is part of their S.M.A.R.T line. If you have never tried their Skin Perfecting mask I have a review that I did a while ago. I really love that this product is multi-purpose. I also really love the smell of this. If I remember correctly they use Peony as the scent. It is NOT floral smelling at all, it smells delicious and something that I would most definitely wear as a perfume! I found that this really made my skin feel really smooth and refreshed. Since it removed skin cells it's basically exfoliating your skin, it doesn't have beads in it so this is VERY gentil on your face. It's worth mentioning that a day after using this I had a GIANT breakout, which wasn't a problem for me. It wasn't the product clogging my pores, basically it HELPED bring blackheads to the surface! Seriously, me gusta. I honestly did not mind it happening at all. I like the fact that it was helping get the nasty's off/out of my skin.  I'm not saying that this is what is going to happen to everyone, but for me I found it as a good thing. It never broke my face out entirely, it was just always one blackhead that was always ready to come out. 

I also really like that you can optionally rinse this off. I've been really liking products that you leave on your face to work all day or work in your sleep. Myself though, I would recommend washing this off. Since it does help get rid of dead skin cells, I don't think you want to be walking around with them still sitting on your face. 

Overall, I really love this product. It made my skin feel tones, hydrated, moisturized, etc. I definitely think that you should give this product a try because it is definitely worth the money! After Chris and I get settled in our house, I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size of this because it's something I do NOT want to be without. For me, it's that good.

Disclaimer:: This product was sent to me for free for review from Grand Central Beauty. I am not being sponsored, paid, nor am I affiliated with the company. All opinions are 100% my own.

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