Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April!

Hello everyone!
Happy April 1st!

So I've only seen a couple of April's Fools jokes.
The one YouTube did was okay.
Them talking about picking ONE video that win out of the billions that have been uploaded, then shutting YouTube down until 2023.. Hilarious? Not really. I didn't think it was that funny.. Kind of stupid in my opinion, but so many people believed it, so it was effective!

The only other one that I have seen is from Zoya. This one, make me laugh. I'm not going to lie, if it were real and if it were not expensive, I would buy it just because it's quirky.


How freaking funny is that?!
It "retails" for $99.95.
Zoya says 
Take the textured nail trend to new heights 

Emphasize the beauty of your natural nail with the latest product innovation by Zoya - Grassy Nail! The all natural formula* gives you a luscious textured finish that's easy to achieveThe four piece set includes everything you need to get growing, but hurry - this Limited Available set is only available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 
For real. What makes me laugh the most is that it says Pre-order starts April 1st and it ships April 1st. Here is the link on how they tell you how to use it. Seriously, I think it's absolutely hilarious! Haah

Have you seen any other April Fools Jokes? I'd love to know which ones you have seen!!

I also want to state for the record, I am not affiliated with Zoya or YouTube. They did not ask or pay me to write about this. I doubt either company even knows I exist honestly. I just wanted to share the two jokes that I have seen and thought were laugh worthy.