Wednesday, April 10, 2013

imPRESS Nails Medium Length Review (updated)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I decided to cut my nails because they looked completely ragged. Not gonna lie, I cried a little bit when I cut them. They weren't long to begin with but they needed to be cut.
Anyways, I've got a few nail polishes I have to swatch, etc and I figured I would just pick up a pair that way you all didn't have to look at my gross nubs. Plus, I cut my thumb nails too short and it kind of hurt! >_<
I knew imPRESS had put out the Medium length ones recently and since they didn't look too bad, I figured I would give them a try. The Short ones are the ones that I normally get and those are plenty long enough for me.

Let me just tell you, these bad boys should be labeled as LONG. Holy crap, No joke, I'm fighting cutting them, even though I know if I do they will look like crap, but goodness! I know Anya loves being scratched between the ears with long nails, so that might be the only time it's acceptable. For me at least. Please keep in mind that I am not used to having long nails, so these feel pretty freakish on me.
I know my ring finger on my left hand looks a bit disproportionate and like it was not applied correctly, but that finger is kind of messed up anyways from an accident from when I was 5.

Also keep in mind that they put the glue pretty high up on these nails, so the underside is going to get dirty from stuff sticking to the glue. There really is no way to prevent that from happening, it even happens with the "short" ones.

While them feeling freakishly long on my fingers, I also have short-ish nail beds, so that is going to keep in mind as well. These nails will fit differently on everyone, but I suggest if you have short nail beds to get the short length nails. They will definitely be a much better fit and will look a lot better on your hands.

As per the color I got, I bought "Behind the Scenes". I figured these would be the most appropriate colored ones I guess? The other ones that my Walmart had were kind of unattractive and something that maybe a teenager would wear. That isn't a very good look on me. Hah
(These are more Coral then pink)

All in all, while I feel that these are too long for me, I feel that some people can pull them off. I am NOT one of those people. I plan on sticking to the short length ones.

I also want to point out before I end this that the glue on these is not the same as the shorter ones. I found these started coming off after only an hour. I'm not sure if this is for ALL of the medium length ones or just this particular pair. It's quite disappointing :( 
UPDATE: These wound up falling off after less thank 3 hours. I'm pretty disappointed in the medium length ones pretty hard. I would return them, but I don't think Walmart will take them back since the package is half empty. 

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