Saturday, April 27, 2013

Julep Fun!

Heyyyy Sexy Lady!

:P I have Gangnam Style stuck in my head bahaha.!

So, the past what month? I have been really really self conscious about my nails. I have two very short nubs that do NOT want to grow at all :(. It's kind of depressing honestly. The damn things just will not grow. I decided to just get over it and play around with some nail polish. I've been attempting to paint my nails for 2 weeks. Every time I start, they don't dry completely and get smudged! Ugh it stinks so bad! >_< I'll get halfway done, they get messed up and I just say screw it! 
Welp! Last night I got a bug up my tushka and I was DETERMINED needless to say to get these bad boys painted. Woo!

Check out which polishes I used to create this nail look!
Honestly, that was the best picture I could get :(. I'm having such an issue with my camera and can't get it to focus to save my life :( Even in actual natural lighting. Pft.

Basecoat - Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment (discontinued)
Julep - Cindy (green from the Bombshell box)
Julep - Jordan (glitter from the Boho Glam box)
ORLY Liquid Vinyl (black, under Jordan)
Top Coat - Salon Perfect  Crystal Clear

I really like Cindy.It's an Emerald Green (Panetone Color of 2013) with gold microglitter. This is a metallic polish and I LOVE it!
Jordan is a gunmetal glitter. I knew I would love this one when I saw it! I have Essie Stroke of Brilliance looks exactly like it, but it's almost gone, so I will definitely be doing a comparison! 

I probably should have done a 4th coat of Cindy because there is still a slight VNL, but I felt 3 was good enough for me! :)

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I recieved Julep Cindy and Julep Jordan from the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup back in March. I don't know who brought them, but thank you! I'm falling hard for Julep polishes! xx

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