Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nail Polish Haul!

Hey everyone!
When I BOUGHT all of these polishes earlier, I was EXTREMELY excited to finally get my hands on a few new China Glaze and ORLY polishes. After I got home, I looked up swatches (I went into Sally's not knowing what I wanted) and I realized how extremely underwhelmed I was at the China Glaze nail polishes that I bought. :( 

This Holographic polish from China Glaze (Strap On Your Moon Boots) I realized this was going to be the polish that I was MOST disappointed in. When I first picture the bottle up, I knew it wasn't that holographic, but I figured the swatches would be different. I looked  up a few different bloggers and it's subtle. If you remember China Glaze's Tronica collection from 2011, THOSE are way way more holographic then this entire collection is.

To see what else I got, click to read more!

Graffiti Glitter
Razzle Me Dazzle Me

These two polishes, I don't know why the heck I decided on them... well it went something like this.. "Oooh girl these are kind of cute and they are on "reduced price" double positive! Plus hello you can never have too many glitter polishes!" ... Yeah these I'm a little underwhelmed by as well. These were on reduced price for $3.29 and I ended up getting one of them for free.

Black Pixel
Aqua Pixel

Honestly, I didn't even realize these were their texture version polishes. Me being me, didn't bother reading the display or really paying attention. It went something like this "OMG! Maybe these are like the Cosmic FX collection!? :O ZOMG MUST BUY!" I only wanted to get a couple, because I assumed (stupid me) that these were part of the buy 2 get 1 free promotion. Since the sign did say ALL of the nail polish stock... the sign lied. I've not really looked into these two polishes much. I really want to try some textured polishes so I know at some point I will be giving these a go.

The last thing I bought, was priced wrong and I didn't realize the price I payed for it until Chris and I were already home and I was NOT driving back to Sally's (it's about a 15+ minute drive from the apartment) and I figured, I need a new nail treatment so whatever, I'll deal.
I'm really hoping that this works out for me. It's something that says you have to apply 1-2 coats DAILY then take it all off at the end of the week, so you just apply the coats daily on top of the previous days coats. Which is cool with me. It just means that while I test it, I can't paint my nails. Which is also cool because Chris and I are going to be packing/moving and I don't feel like dealing with chipped nails.

I'm just really underwhelmed by this entire haul honestly. I'm also kind of pissed at the prices. Since when does ORLY and China Glaze charge an outrageous amount for their new polishes. Last I remembered new released and permanent polishes were the same price.

The China Glaze Holographic polish was $8.99
ORLY FX polishes $7.66 & $7.99 (why the price difference between the two?! ugh)
The two glitter top coat CG polishes were $3.29 each, except I got one of them for free 
The ORLY Growth Support was $9.99

The one yummy thing I did buy though was from WaWa
these two bad boys are my drug! And they are only $1.99 each so no complaining here! Sippy sippy!

Okay, so I'm done :P I'm sure you are all like "Woah she is being a negative Nancy today!" I'm really sorry! I bloody hate being negative, I really try to be a positive person, but sleep depravity might be agitating me a bit. I'm going to wind up sleeping on my purchases and decide in the morning what I want to do. Honestly I love my China Glaze and Orly polishes ( I need more Orly) China Glaze is my most purchased nail polish. Me gusta.
Maybe this will help bring the mood up!

Earlier on twitter, I was saying that I was just going to take them back, eh I decided just to keep them and give them a go. They are pretty polishes regardless of if they were not what I expected. :)


  1. made me laugh so hard with the "ZOMG MUST BUY!" because that is literally what my brain is like whenever I see anything new. I bought so many polishes lately and have been super disappointed with the majority of them. Don't even get me started on those Hologlam/Holofraud polishes. Why were the initial swatches that were floating around last year so much more holographic? They are so weak that it made me sad. Oh well. I would be pissed at all the weird prices and all that. Sorry your haul wasn't as satisfying but I'm curious about those Orlys...and why did they change the bottles? I think they look like long SpaRitual bottles.

    1. I'm totally fangirling right now! Eek!

      Haha :P That's what goes through my head every single time I was into Sally's and see the small spot they have for the new releases. Ugh I have no idea! It's so annoying! I'm thinking of doing a comparison of the Tronica blue I have against the blue "holographic" one in this post. I LOVE the holofraud, that made me laugh!
      Eh no need to be sorry! It's one of those things that happens, can't be pleased with everything you buy once you get it home! They changed the bottles at the beginning of the year. I don't remember why they changed them though. I've not really seen anything on their reasoning about it.
      Thank you so much for reading! :D xx