Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perlier 8-Piece Travel Set


I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! For me, it's going a bit slow. Tomorrow is Father's Day, so we're still trying to figure out plans etc.

Today's post is another from iFabbo, I'm really enjoying the product from iFabbo! I'm loving exploring new to me brands. I'm having a crazy amount of fun trying all of these! This one was no different!! I got this before we moved out of the apartment and it sat there because I was planning on using it when we went to Orlando for 3 days. It did get use between my sister and I! The hotel has horrible body wash, so I am insanely glad I had this!!

Have you ever heard of Perlier? Well I didn't before iFabbo. Perlier is an Italian bath and body cosmetics company. Not cosmetics as in makeup, but they do a whole range of body care and fragrance items! Perlier is an 80 year old company so they know what they are doing!! I also want to make note that they DO NOT test on animals! So that is really nice of them!

The 8 Piece Mini Travel set comes with a convenient plastic bag to carry everything in and to keep everything contained if something were to explode in transit to wherever you are travelling! I will make a note that when you first open this, all 4 scents mixed together is a bit much and smells like a Floral Grandma. (No joke, I describe it as Granny Smell) However, each individually smells okay.

First up we have Honey.
This scent kind of reminds me of Wildflower Honey, only because there is a strong Floral note to this body wash and body balm. The one thing I can tell you is that they used 100% Organic Italian Honey in this...only because the majority of this bottle is in Italian except for a few key things. Baha.
The Shower "cream".. well I consider this a gel, but okay. It's moisturizing and thankfully the scent doesn't really linger. I say thankfully because I'm not a floral smelling person at all because heavy floral scents give me migraines.  The Body balm is also moisturizing, but it doesn't sink in quick, not only that but it's greasy feeling. Actually all of the lotions are like that, but I will individually address them!

This is the culprit that has the most "granny-ish" scent out of all of the duos. While there is a slight hint of almost in these, it's insanely subtle. I didn't use this shower creme but my sister used the hand lotion. She said that while she did like it, she didn't like the fact that it felt really greasy. She kept rubbing her hands together waiting for it to soak into her skin and it just wasn't happening. She had really dry hands (as well as I) from dealing with Goo Away all day. It did moisturize her hands, but it left her hands greasy.

I LOVE the scent of this, really because of the citrus extracts that are in it. I am so game for ANYTHING that is citrus scented! Me gusta mucho! The shower "cream" is so moisturizing! It is definitely what I needed after a long day at Premiere, also because of the citrus scent, this was fantastic to use in the morning! It's definitely something that will help wake you use and energize you in the morning!
I body balm is the same as the rest, it's greasy, but I like this one. The scent makes up for everything!

As you can tell, the Olivarium shower cream is the one that I used the most! Since it has Olive Oil in it, this is really moisturizing. Both the shower cream and the body cream. I really like the both of these.  The scent reminds me of those bar soaps that you get in hotels. It's an unattractive scent, but thankfully it basically is undetectable once it's on your body.

All in all, I really enjoyed this set. I do think that this is perfect for those who travel a LOT because you will have a nice selection of products to choose from! For myself, I rarely travel, so it's not totally ideal, but I still enjoyed it! I'm definitely going to be getting use out of everything else that I have left in this set! It may take me a while, but I totally will get use out of this!

You can find this set for ONLY $19.95 on HSN . I personally think that is a fantastic price for 8 products and a bag to carry them all in! It's a steal! Definitely go check out Perlier on HSN or on their website.  I've got another one of their products coming up for review that I am absolutely in LOVE with so watch out for that review soon!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me from iFabbo for free for my honest review. I was not compensated for this product except for being able to keep the products mentioned. 

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  1. This was fun to try but I wouldn't buy the full-size products--I just didn't like the formula enough. (As you noted, the lotions could be greasy!)