Friday, June 28, 2013

Zoya PixieDust - Beatrix

Hola amigos!

Have I shown you any of the Zoya PixieDusts before?

Zoya's Beatrix is the first of the PixieDusts that I tried. Why Beatrix? Uhm hello it's bright orange! I love me some orange polish! ...Plus it doesn't have a name sticker on the bottom and I wanted to get it swatched and posted before I forgot the name...

Beatrix lasted pretty nice on me before I decided to take it off. The painted my nails at night and the next day I did some hardcore yard work. Pulling weeds, weed-eating (or weed wacking as I've heard it called), mowing 2 lawns, moving a boat (yes a boat I am woman hear me roar) .. let me tell you that boat wasn't easy to move considering how damn heavy it was. It was a dingy type boat but it's pretty damn bit... okay I'm getting off topic. The polish didn't chip through all of that. So I'm pretty damn impressed.
Side note. That is not a chip on my ring finger. Somehow I got another polish on it and never noticed.

I really love how this polish is just so bright and IN your face. It's definitely a perfect color for Summertime.
I used two coats of this polish. The bottle looks well used because this is probably the 4th time I've swatched it for some decent pictures. I'm still not thrilled how they came out, but it is what it is my dears. :) 
THEN you add a top coat and the sparkle factor intensifies! I love that these are universal and look gorgeous with or without a top coat. They are meant to NOT have a top coat, but hey why not? They will definitely last a LOT longer without a top coat though, that is something that I have found through testing.

Do you have any of the PixieDusts? What do you think of them?!
I purchased this with my own money


  1. These are so pretty! I've found with the Pixie Dusts that they are kind of "eh" in the bottle or online but then when I see blogger swatches, they're super-pretty! So I will probably finally cave and get some this fall, even though I used to think they were odd.

  2. They're really interesting. My Mom absolutely hates them because of their texture. I think their gorgeous. They do look pretty eh in the bottle. I want to get Carter so bad from the fall line!

  3. I want the whole fall wallet does not :D But maybe that can be my big fall splurge. I would like it if they offered a set of mini bottles at a lower price, like a gift item type thing. Because the colors are beautiful but I do know some people who might not be totally "wow" about the texture, so I'd hesitate to give them full-size bottles that they might only use once or twice.

  4. I definitely agree! It would be nice if they did put them in Mini form. The texture of these is kind of like fine grain sandpaper if that's any help. I really want to get these as well, maybe somewhere near the end of the year I will get them