Monday, July 8, 2013

Nubar Green/Silver Glitter

Hello Darlings!

Before I even get into this post, please excuse my cuticles. I had done some hard yard work earlier in the day, which included digging up a palm tree. If you know anything about palm trees you know they are a complete pain in the tucka to dig up because their roots go really far down. AND since it had been raining for the past week the ground was still sopping wet, I wound up digging through mud. So you can tell, it was totally fun... I actually had fun doing it hah, but really it took me about 30-45 minutes trying to dig up the roots to get it out! Then I had to cut roots from another tree.. okay see, off topic. Let's get back onto why you are here!

Nubar's Green/Silver Glitter (unique name no?) was one of the polishes that I picked up from Premiere Orlando. I just HAD to have it, I knew if I didn't purchase it I would have regretted it instantly. Let me just say, now that is it on my nails I am so glad I did!
Look at how absolutely gorgeous this polish is!
You can see just how packed this is with green and silver glitter, not to mention the sheer amount of holographic glitter! It's all finely milled so it doesn't leave you with that textured effect, which is nice.

I wanted to capture the silver aspect of this polish, because it can get a little lost BUT it does appear depending on how you hold your hands in the light, which is nice!
The one thing I definitely love about this polish is the fact that is looks like it is JUMPING off of your nails! It is that sparkly and holographic. No lie. You have to buy this for yourself just to be able to see it. The jumping off of your nails aspect of it, wouldn't capture in pictures or video. *sad face*
This is a scattered holographic polish, but it does look linear in the bottle, but it's not when you put it on the nails, which I don't mind. It would be gorgeous if it was linear anyways.

This is 3 coats over OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener with two coats of Nubar Diamont Seal & Top coat.
Since this is a glitter polish, it isn't that easy to remove. I would suggest doing the glue thing that people are doing (?) I've never tried it but people keep telling me about it. I just take it off by wrapping my finger in aluminum foil, with a cotton ball soaked in remover of course.

I know this video is totally out of focus but it was the only way to capture the complete awesomeness of it. And I still wasn't able to capture it all! (I forgot to turn my phone sideways to make it full screen... can you tell it's the first time I used the camera? Lol)
I really love this nail polish like I said before, it is absolutely fantastic! and so gorgeous!
You can purchase Nubar from their website This polish retails for $8, like the rest of Nubar polishes. You can purchase Green/Silver Glitter HERE

Sidenote, I was going to do this as a comparison post with ORLY Sparkling Garbage, but I did not get one good picture of Sparkling Garbage earlier when I was taking pictures and I lost sunlight. BUT I can tell you that Sparkling Garbage is a darker green polish, it is also more linear than GSG is. I love both of them. 
Nubar is Formaldehyde Free, Toluene Free, (DBP) Phthalate Free.They are also Vegan and Cruelty Free.


  1. It is! It made it to my list of all time favorite polishes! I just wish it was more readily available!

  2. That is so pretty!!