Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spontaneous Shatter!

Hey everyone!

*shields self* I've really let myself down the past couple of weeks and I am sure I have let you all down as well! I'm sure you've noticed that I've not been blogging much, I'm not going to go into details about the reasoning. It has nothing to do with blogging or anything online, it's all just personal stuff that has been going on. I've not really been on twitter either. I've just become disconnected from everything it's kind of depressing. I do have a couple makeup reviews coming up and another special review. I'm super excited about them all, but have just not been feeling up to much lately.I'm supposed to be doing a nail art challenge but you see how far that has gotten right?! I am going to work on it this coming week though! I promise!! I'm super Lame right? Le sigh, tis life though!

Unfortunately I tried to photograph this manicure so so many times and unlucky for me I could only get ONE decent picture, the rest were blurry or just pure crap. SO I do have only one picture of it, but I actually REALLY like this mani, it's cute.

I know crackles are out, but I just got my grubby hands on some of OPI's Shatter polishes a couple weeks ago at Big Lots for $1 so, trends begone I'm gonna use them! :P

I used
China Glaze Spontaneous
OPI Silver Shatter
On the ring finger it's a polish I made myself from 2 Color Club metallic foil polishes.
I put Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope on top of that.

I think it looks cute. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got and it's still not a fantastic picture. I am in the process of reshaping my nails so please excuse them being a nasty mess.

I hope you all are doing well!



  1. nice color combo! thanks for sharing and feel better.

  2. Love this one. :) I may have to copy one day, Spontaneous is one of my fav colors and I think I have some silver shatter around.

  3. Cute! I missed the crackle craze altogether...hope you will be feeling better soon!! <3

  4. Thank you hun! I've been doing a bit better the past couple days now that I've been moving and forcing myself to do things. I didn't miss it exactly,I only had a few of the China Glaze ones, Those weren't that great they were WAY WAY too thick D:

  5. I LOVE Spontaneous! I've been trying to use this polish forever, somehow I always ALWAYS kept messing it up somehow before it way dry figures though! Thank you so much!! Go ahead! It's really lovely! I wore this for about 4 days before it chipped!

  6. Thank you so much!!! :D I've been doing better! Keeping busy! :P

  7. That's good to hear!

    Yeah, that's part of why I skipped over them...I don't like super-thick polishes. I am waaaaay too impatient to sit back and wait for them to dry! :P