Monday, October 7, 2013

The Autumn Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Ashley from Jersey Girl for the Autumn tag!
I honestly almost forgot about this because I was tagged a week ago and with being sick and my computer shutting down when I had the post open. Girl, forgive me! But alas here I am! :D

Okay, can I just say that every single time someone talks about Fall and calls it Autumn, I go "What?" Thinking they are talking to me. Anyone else named Autumn do that? I mean seriously. Most. Confusing. Season. Ever! :P

Favorite thing about Fall?
Welp, living in Florida there isn't much difference between Summer, Summer, Summer, slightly cold and Summer. But I must say the air changes around the Fall season. That's probably my favorite part. The air just has this different feel about it and damnit, I love it. I am a happy woman during Florida's version of Fall and Winter.

Favorite drink?
Do I really have to answer this? Give me ANYTHING Pumpkin and I will be your best friend. I get utterly obsessed with pumpkin during fall.

Favorite scent/candle?
Cinnamon. Hands down, or Pumpkin, but that's me. I really do love the scent of Cinnamon during Fall/Winter though.

Best Lipstick?
This is definitely not a question that is good for me to answer considering I don't wear lipstick. If I had to pick though I might go with OCC Lip Tar in Anita. Girl, that is my jam. I thought it would look bad on me, but damnit I really like it!

Go to moisturizer?
Don't shoot me, but half of the time I forget to use moisturizer. *shields self* I have been loving Stephanie Devine Skincare's (formerly Tavarua Skin) Radical Therapy BioMarine Moisture Treatment.

Go to color for the eyes?
Like eye shadow? Uh gold I guess. I tend to wear a LOT of gold around the Fall season.

Favorite Music or band/singer to listen too?
Meat Loaf. I will listen to the same 2-3 songs over and OVER again on repeat like a psycho person. Not going to lie. Just yes. Other than that. I listen to my normal music.

Favorite outfit to wear (i.e. boots and scarf combo)?
Okay, little known fact. I barely have any clothes so I don't have a favorite anything.. Okay wait. I know these will be a favorite but I thrifted a pair of brand new Tripp pants for like $3.. Hola those are going to be my staple. I already wear the hell out of them and I'm sure if you've seen me in public and I had black pants on, it was those.

Autumn treat?
This question I don't really understand. Like food or what?

Favorite place to be?
To be completely honest. I don't really have a "favorite" place to be. I'd love to be up in Tennessee with my Aunt and Uncle because I haven't seen them in years. I miss them something fierce. I LOVE being cold and chilly so let's just go with outside.

That is all of the questions! I tag anyone who wants to do this!
Thank you Ashley for tagging me! It's been a while since I've done a tag and I actually had fun doing it! :D


  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading! Fall is such a cozy season!!

  2. Thank you! I definitely agree it is a really cozy season!

  3. Oh, that's awesome! An "autumn" tag! It's all about you girl :D

    I love cinnamon. I just ordered some cinnamon Scentsy bars to make the kitchen smell all purty this fall/winter...I feel like it helps the house feel warmer somehow when you have cozy scents burning away!

  4. Hahah for sure! I've never tried scentsy before, I keep hearing good things maybe I will get off my tush and try them soon! Yes! That's the same reason I love the scent of cinnamon! It's really comforting too!