Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade Pre-Sale!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are doing well! We shant even discuss me. Anypoodles, if you aren't subscribed to Cult Nails Newsletter, where have you been?! I just got the email about her latest mini collection and I must say, Oh my ever loving! I have the BIGGEST want/lust over this collection one polish in particular!

Here is the email ;;;


A new Limited Edition 3 piece collection from Cult Nails

Ms. Conduct was so excited to see an invitation to the Masquerade event of the season. She had always been so well behaved; but with a mask, she now had her chance to go wild without affecting her reputation. As the Midnight Mist started to roll in, Ms. Conduct headed to the location on her invitation. It was at a broken down and eerie estate. This can't be right, she thought.  She was nervous, but decided to step inside anyway. The music was blaring, the candles were lit, but not a soul was there. Ms. Conduct couldn't believe she was the first to arrive, and what about the host? Where was he? Who was he? Maybe this was a bad idea...


Available for presalehere:  $24 for all 3 colors


Presale collections are expected to ship November 15th.  

See what Kelly thinks...

Read her review and see swatches here!

Kelly, of, received a blogger preview pack of the Midnight Masquerade Collection and has a review and swatches posted here!  Check out what she says, then get to to reserve your set before they're gone!

Omg omg omg! Don't those polishes look amazing! I've seen swatches of them and I am dying! Definitely pre-order these if you want them since there is a limited quantity!! Can I just say how amazing the promo picture are and just the amount of thought went into this mini collection. Maria looks absolutely STUNNING and John! He looks absolutely incredible. Go order and get yourself one of the sets because once they are gone they will be GONE. And knowing the reputation of Cult Nails, these will be gone in a heartbeat! GO ORDER NOW!! Why are you still here?!?!?!

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