Monday, November 4, 2013

My Go-To Eye Look

Purchased Myself / Press Sample

I hope everyone had a fantastic Weekened! Me, I am thankful it's over. The only thing I am not thankful for is the fact that I am getting sick again courtesy of my Niece. The makeup post I decided to share is my go-to eye look. This is what I go too the giant majority of the time when I do my makeup. Daring right? Not all products are exactly the same as I am testing out a new liquid liner, which I might just say right here I am IN LOVE with (review coming later). Lets get started shall we?

On my eyes:
Milani Eye Shadow Primer 01 Nude
Urban Decay Half Baked (lid)
Urban Decay Hustle (outer corner/lid)
Urban Decay Sin (inner corner)
Wet n Wild MegaLiner 860 Black Sparkle
Measurable Difference Mascara

That's really it. As normal I never really put anything on my face. I never really see the need too. The only time I really put anything on my face is for an event or when I go to a Central Florida Beauty Bloggers meetup. I really haven't been living a very exciting makeup life lately. :P My next makeup post will definitely be all drugstore! I'm pretty excited about that post.

I used two different cameras in this post, I'm sure you will be able to tell the difference of the two. I love the clarity of one, but it doesn't do very good close up shots. I hate that the other one looks meh but it does awesome close up shots. It's a win/lose lol. The one thing I don't like is my eye liner always looks skippy and meh no matter if I'm using gel or liquid. It's starting to get annoying, it looks fine till I put mascara on. Pft.

What is your Go To makeup look?!

Disclosure: The Senna Eye Brow Gel and the Measurable Difference Mascara were press samples, everything else used was purchased by me with my own money.


  1. These eyeshadow colors especially the goldish one on your lid really look good with your eye color and skin tone. :)

  2. Thank you! :D Golds tend to bring out blue eyes really well!