Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Simple Foaming Cleanser

Gift from my Sister

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday (or whatever day you are reading this on)!!
My weekend was actually just meh then I definitely had a GIANT case of the Monday blues. It was really tough for me. My Aunt isn't doing too well so I've been dwelling on that the past few days.  Onto happier things though.

My Sister gave this to me because she had a BOGO coupon and wasn't going to use this one and she didn't want it sitting around. I've used a couple of Simple products before and the only one that has slightly impressed me was the liquid makeup remover. Everything else just hasn't agreed with my skin

I actually did not have high hopes for this because as of late, if it isn't made for acne prone skin it breaks me out. This hasn't broken me out as of yet. I do have a couple of pimples but I keep forgetting to put this back in the shower. Sometimes I swear I'm an absentminded dodo bird.

 You don't need a full pump of this, half a pump actually could be too much. I guess it all really depends on how much you want to use. I use maybe half a pump and that is enough for my face.  This is also not drying at all, I do have oily skin but that doesn't matter, if a cleanser is drying you know it's drying no matter your skin type. Like I said above this hasn't broken my skin out either which I am thankful for. A lot of stuff breaks my skin out and this doesn't. This also doesn't aggravate the sensitive parts of my face either, so all in all I feel that this is a fantastic face wash. I've been using it for a good two months and you can see that there still is about 90% left of it, which is pretty sweet.

You can purchase this for $7.99 at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target really anywhere that sells Simple Products.



  1. Simple is Amazingly Simply and Efficient...

  2. I'm glad you reviewed this! I've been eyeing this at the drugstore for a while! I get lil breakouts too and want to try a foam cleanser. Definitely adding this to my list. Thank you xoxo

  3. Very welcome hun! I hope it works out well for your skin!