Saturday, December 14, 2013

CVS Clearance Haul

Purchased Myself

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well! :D Thanks to my Niece I've got the stomach flu so I'm dealing with that, which is why I've been so lax on getting anything up. :( Complete fail. I know you're tired of excuses so let's just get into the haul!

Chris bought me this stuff as an early birthday present, since my birthday is next week (Dec.19). I also have a great feeling that I have some totally awesome coming my way for either my birthday or Christmas but I'm not telling! :P
NYC IndividualEYEs in 939 Bryant Park

Revlon ColorStay Spanish Moss | Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips Wine Not | Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle Bold Buff

Revlon Just Bitten LipStain + Balm Forbidden (top) | Flame (bottom)

Rimmel The Max VolumeFlash Mascara Extreme Black

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Plume | Firefly

I think this was a pretty fancy haul if I don't say so myself! The most expensive thing was around $3.49 and it was the GelStrips. I'm so excited I finally have 2 LustreShines and the Lipstain+Balms. I've been wanting to try them both since they came out. 

Have you hit up the CVS Clearance Sale yet?! If not check out Nouveau Cheaps post about what's on clearance (so far)


  1. These are some very good products and lovely brands. Happy birthday in advance.

  2. Okay seriously, why do I never go to CVS? Why? No reason, that's why. You got some really great stuff!!

  3. LOL I rarely go too. Cosmetics stuff is cheaper in other places besides drugstores. I'm really excited about everything! I want to go back and get more. There is supposed to be L'Oreal Infallible 24/7 shadows 50% off but I couldn't find any :(

  4. Nice haul! :-) Gotta love CVS sales. Feel better!

  5. Nice haul! how much were the lipstains? Im a bit late hope to find something later on when i stop by cvs.

  6. awesome price! i scanned the revlon just bitten lipstains and they came up at full price so my guess is i missed the sale items :( oh well better luck next year!

  7. Check Nouveau Cheaps blog. It's only specific ones. The sale doesn't have an end date. It's one of those sales where they'll stock it until it sells out and once it's gone it's gone. NC has a list of EVERYTHING that's on sale.

  8. i need to scope out CVS and Big Lots one of these days to see what polishes and make-up they have!

  9. I don't know how much CVS will have left, I'm sure they'll have lots but Big Lots, that depends on your area. Some big lots last year were even carrying Too Faced!