Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Power Gel Polishes

I was reading through the November 2013 Marie Claire magazine and I cam across a page where they talked about.. okay BARELY talked about 5 DIY gel manicure systems that keep your polish looking applied for up to two weeks. I say barely, because they were just teeny tiny blurbs about each one. The main purpose of this post is I kind of want YOUR opinion. Out of the 5 listed, which ones have YOU tried and which ones do YOU like.

First up!

ORLY SmartGels
Each polish is $10 and the starter kit retails for $60

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish (NOT the gel strips)
$13 per color. Starter kit is $70
Source - Google Images

Mally 24/7 Gel Polish
Ive personally NEVER heard of these. I know OF the Mally brand but didn't know they/she did polish
$15 per polish. $65 for the system

Sephora by OPI GelShine
I didn't know S.O.P.I had gel polishes.
$18 per polish. $159 for the system

Red Carpet Manicure
$10 per polish. $80 for the pro kit.

So, which ones have you tried?! I've personally not tried any of these. I've tried the Sally Hansen Gel Strips, but not the Gel Manicure system. That one was a bit expensive for me to flat out buy. I'm curious on your opinions!

I am not affiliated, part of nor was I asked to write this post. I did it on my own. 


  1. I bought the SensatioNail kit about a year and a half ago and I totally loved it! I'm a big fan of gel manicures and since they're about $45 to get professionally done where I'm from (though I had only gotten them a few times), I had no problem paying $50 for the starter pack. I'm bummed that once my husband and I PCSed to Japan, I left my kit in the states. I would definitely recommend buying a system of your own if you get your nails done in gel a lot at salons and you have the patience of doing all of the steps yourself. :)

  2. That's about the price it is here as well, if not more. I've never looked into or gotten gel nails because mine break so easily so they're weird lengths. I've looked at SensatioNail a LOT and have considered picking it up. Oh wow! :(