Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie - Autumn Spice

Purchased myself

Have you ever been so obsessed with trying to find a polish that it just bothers the heck out of you till you can find it!? This one did it for me! It was a mixture of the color and the name, but i went on a great nail polish hunt for this bad boy. After about two weeks I finally found it at Wal-Mart for $4.98.I looked like a complete jackass too when I found it. There was some jumping up and down, dancing, and I even said a few choice words I wont type here. Bahah. I was THAT excited.

As gorgeous as this polish is, my excitement dwindled away there. I'm really bummed about it as well. No matter how long I let this polish dry, it smudges and chips in under 12 hours. I've tried it with and without a base coat, I have used different base coats, nothing helped.

Look at that! Ugh this is such a gorgeous polish!! I wish that I could get it to work out on my nails! Me gusta mucho! Mmmmmph. 

Formula wise, it's gorgeous and the polish itself has kind of a cinnamon scent too it, which I like. It's not over powering at all so I can wear it and smell my fingers like a total creep in public! :P

HOWEVER, my Mom totally had better luck with this polish then I did. These are her nails in the pictures because I totally gave up trying to swatch it.

She likes the polish a lot. For her, she can smell this out in public or when in the car. Me on the other hand, not so much. I can't smell it unless I am physically smelling my fingers. This also has lasted with NO chipping, smuding, etc. Go mom's nails!

I purchased this myself with my own money. All opinions are my Mom's and My own. 


  1. I had a similar experience. My mom swears by mary kay polish says it says on her toes until she takes off. I couldn't get the exact same color she used to stay on for more then 2 days. moms are weird lol

  2. Uhm yes, Mom's are totally weird. LOL. I have the same experience. It would last weeks on my Mom's finger nails and like a day on mine.

  3. I still can't find any of these polishes around here. :) I'm curious to try one. It's a shame this chips so easily.

  4. My Walmart had them hidden on an Endcap. My Walgreens doesn't even have them. They're ridiculous to find