Monday, December 9, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award (yup!)

Yup! It happened again!

Melissa from GLITTERFISTS nominated me for this and oh my lawd! I'm so grateful for it!

So my 7 Random Facts!
1) I used to have VERY VERY bad acne. it was so bad that my face was as red as a tomato
2) I'm extremely indecisive. It takes me a while to finally agree or disagree on anything. I run through all of the many possibilities of what could or could not happen.
3) I think weddings are overly expensive and stressful. I would have been happier just having a small party instead of spending the amount that I did.
4) I've never had a birthday party. We've planned them but it always fell through.
5) I would rather read a book then use an E-Reader
6) I get extremely obsessed with things, depending on what they are.
7) I HATE living in Florida. I would rather live where it's always cold.

I really don't have anyone to nominate because everyone has been nominated already! I don't want to double nominate anyone or anything, but I do know that there are a few people who deserve it! Plus, the last time I nominated anyone for anything, it was ignored. =^_^=


  1. Me...number 3...totally. haha. Ungh.
    Come to Missouri! Its currently a lovely 12 degrees!!! haha

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I never play these because I suck badly at coming up with random facts. :-p I would have been happy with a small dinner after our wedding too, it was my inlaws that threw our reception in 2009, but I can't complain because they covered the entire cost. I have tons of books, but lately I'm starting to buy more on my Kindle just because it's more convenient to read them on there when I'm commuting. If they made the Kindle smell like a paperback book... that would be pretty awesome. :-p

  3. I think I nominated you for the last one and forgot to tell you LOL. Something like that. I covered the great majority of the costs and my parents did the rest. I'd rather have a kindle to read on then an iPad, but I'll never afford a Kindle. D:

  4. I will totally will trade you! I live right on the water. My Uncle lives in/used to live in Missouri! I don't know if he moved down yet.

  5. I would love to live on the water except for the whole hurricane thing...yeah, I'm not about that life. haha I love Missouri...but the cold...blech!

  6. We've not had a good hurricane in years. It's actually really fun when there are hurricanes lol