Sunday, December 1, 2013

Volupties Subscription - Brand Write Up

Brand Write Up

I've totally dropped the ball on getting not only this post up, but quite a few others. I've just been so bogged down with things going on and just the lack of inspiration! I've got posts written, but it's the inspiration that is getting me down. I just have no gumption to write. It's pretty sad right?! I promise though, I'm going to light a fire under my butt because we just can't have this no inspiration and being down in the dumps! It can't and it wont happen! :) So without further adieu!

I saw someone tweet about a while ago and I am so sorry that I can't remember who tweeted it! I'm really sorry, but I forgot to write your name down! I contacted Volupties and asked if they minded if I did a brand write up for them. I didn't ask for anything in return except if I could have permission to use pictures from their website. I'm so glad they agreed and were even excited about me writing the post! 
Volupties is a subscription service for premium underwear for us Curvy aka plus sized women out there in the world. I know there are subscription services out there like this but they don't cater to us ladies who wear above a size large. Please do keep in mind that this isn't a review by any means. It's kind of hard to review something you've not tried. I just wanted to do this brand write up because I know some plus sized ladies out there that would definitely enjoy this! I would really love for their subscription service to really take off and get some momentum! 
I know that for us plus sized ladies, shopping for panties can be very daunting and sometimes down right embarrassing. Okay, that could totally just be me though, I really despise shopping for panties. It's my least favorite thing. So Volupties is a fantastic way of getting a surprise in the mail that happens to be some gorgeous panties! I mean why not!

You can choose between XL, 2X and 3X sizes and if you wear under an XL don't worry they also have a box called Splendies, but we shant get into it because this is about Volupties. :)
To subscribe it's $17 a month with free shipping but right now their subscription is on sale and you can sign up for $12! You can used the code VOLUPTIES to get an additional $5 off your subscription as well! You can cancel anytime you want and can even change the size of panties you want. Getting 3 pairs of high quality panties in the mail for $12 (or even $17) is not a bad price at all! I know when I have the extra money I plan on subscribing to them! Maybe I wont dread it so much, plus who doesn't love getting packages in the mail!
I'm really excited about this subscription service and I really hope they take off really soon! If you want to check out some reviews you can look HERE. I wish the people behind Volupties and Splendies all of the best of luck in the New Year! I can't wait to start hearing the hub-bub about them in the blogging world!

I am not being paid, I was not asked, nor am I affiliated with Volupties or Splendies. I did this brand write up on my own. All pictures are owned and are property of


  1. I didn't know such a brand existed. Those prices you mentioned are not bad at all. Thanks for writing about it!

  2. I think Splendies is cheaper, I'm not quite sure though. Very welcome! :D I think the prices are really good as well. I've seen some of the other blogs that reviews they've given Cacique which those are like $16 a pop.