Sunday, February 23, 2014

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Falling In & Out Of Love

Purchased Myself

How are you all doing?! I've been so uninspired lately, which is why I've not posted.

Today I have a Honey Bunny Lacquer for you. This particular one is from Deb's Anti-Valentines Day collection. 

Falling In & Out Of Love is a matte bubblegum pink polish with purple and blue mirco shimmer in it.
You can get full coverage with 2-3 coats, which is what I used.
This polish dried pretty dang fast, which was amazing too me! The only other brand that I've had dry as fast as FI&OOL was the China Glaze holographic polishes.
All of the above pictures are WITHOUT TOP COAT.  This is a mini size, which was $3.50. The full sized retails for $7, which still isn't bad but when you're on a budget, go for the Mini! :P
This polish is absolutely gorgeous in it's natural self, all matte and sexy, but wait until you see it with a top coat!
Look at that gorgeous shimmer! This polish is gorgeous either way, I definitely love the look of it matte though!
You know I couldn't end this post without doing one of my bottle shots! :P

What do you think?! Is this a polish you would buy? I definitely recommend it, if you're wanting a gorgeous bubblegum pink!

You can purchase this polish on Honey Bunny Lacquer's Etsy
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  1. Love the shimmer in this pink! Its great!

  2. That's really pretty! Love the matte finish!

  3. It's bloody gorgeous matte! I need to finish swatching the others that I bought!

  4. It's very gorgeous! I didn't know it had shimmer in it when I bought it! Pleasant surprise

  5. I love that shimmery matte finish! I've never seen a polish like that before.

    Polished Portland

  6. So far it's my second favorite polish of her! They're amazing.