Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NOTD Featuring Ellagee Rainbow Syrup

PR Sample/Purchased Myself 

You know when you're super excited about something that you can't contain it?! Let me tell you, I'm still extremely excited over this polish! 

For my base I used Venique Dominating Thigh Highs and Cult Nails Grunge for an accent.
I topped each nail with Ellagee's Rainbow Syrup. This polish is gorgeous in the bottle, but it absolutely POPS over a dark nail polish. 
Look at that sexy ass linear holo. No joke, I was really bummed and actually upset when I took this off. Mind you I wore it for about 3-4 days.
Look at that Rainbow as well. 
We shant even talk about what this polish makes me want to do LOL
I'm just going to leave you with this

 photo signatureuna_zps1d5464f3.jpg
Ellagee's Rainbow Syrup was provided as a press sample. All other polishes were purchased with my own money. 


  1. Its gorgeous! I love anything with holo in it so this one is great :)

  2. Thank you so much!! Oh I'm the same way! I want to put this on EVERYTHING!

  3. Really stunning! I love that it's a true black holo too. :) I have a black Layla holo but it's not as dark as this. Love it!

  4. Oops, I just saw you layered it over a darker color! :)

  5. I had to pin your last pic to my nails nails nails board on Pinterest. :)

  6. It's okay! I think she has a black holo, but I'm not sure. Oh that is so nice of you to do! :D xx