Saturday, April 5, 2014

Caturday : Ridiculous Cat Is Ridiculous

Go ahead, shame me, slap me, tell me off. I know I've missed 3 Caturdays! I'm very sorry! I've been working ridiculously stupid hours at work, I'm not talking about long days...I'm talking about working between two stores and my hours forever being different. It's a giant face palm I've been working mornings and afternoons on Saturday when I'm usually closing. I'm not complaining though! My paychecks aren't $50 anymore which is good with me! ANYWAYS. Back to Anya.

Anya herself hasn't done much of anything in the past three weeks except avoid me and the camera. I'm glad she hasn't swatted it yet! :P I did manage to capture a couple of moments that I am so glad I captured!

I feel like I should put this
on the picture! :P Bahah that's at least what it makes me think of!

We were going to do a review on her favorite toy BUT unfortunately Chris being Chris, accidentially broke it in half. -_- It was a sad day for Anya. She's still not happy with him over it! I did buy her some new treats that she loves though! So maybe that will be my next review? I don't know, we shall see!

Her toy being broken, didn't dampen her spirits to play with things though! Anya of course being... well Anya decided to take up a new sport. Knock Mom's ring down while she was putting lotion on her hands. No matter how many times I picked it up, she knocked it back down -_-.

Step One: Pretend you're looking at something else while you contemplate how you're going to get away with knocking the ring off of the table.

Step Two: Bat at it slowly, even though you're being told to not do it.

Step Three: Keep batting it off of the table and watch it fall, acting like you didn't know it was going too fall off.

Step Four: Repeat if they keep putting the ring back! 

Also, don't judge me for having "The Ring" yes, it's in Silver but I don't do gold.

One last picture!
I know that it is blurry BUT, you can't deny that face. Can you tell that she was getting mad at me for taking pictures of her! It's the last picture I took and you can tell that she was so over my crap! :P

I'm going to be coming back in full force to blogging. I've got some makeup palettes to review and swatch as well as a few exciting things! Don't forget to enter the giveaway that is being held with Reviva Labs and the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers. 
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  1. That tongue! HAHA! LMAO. She's a goof, I can't believe she kept swatting the ring down, lol!

  2. She definitely is something else! I couldn't believe it either!! I told her that she was an asshole and she just looked at me... then did it again in one swoop instead of batting.

  3. Lol that first picture is so funny! Her tongue! :D

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've got titanium rings and I think.

  5. That's Anya! :P I'm so lucky I caught that! I've been trying to catch her doing something weird like that for a while!

  6. I just don't think the color doesn't anything for my skintone, lol. Our wedding bands are titanium, they wear like iron and are incredibly lightweight. Only thing is you can't resize titanium ever that's how strong it is.

  7. I love pics of Anya! That first one is so awesome. :D

  8. Oh my, this is hilarious.

  9. You have some serious viral meme potential for the first photo!

  10. I've been waiting for someone too say that!

  11. I've been trying too get pictures more pictures of her. Bahah thanks!

  12. LittleMonsterx14April 6, 2014 at 7:39 PM

    haha she is so silly. i LOVE these caturdays! MOREEEEEE :-P

  13. That's what I'm here for haha, please make a meme for me :-)

  14. Bahaha I'm glad someone thinks so! :P

  15. She is silly alright! I'm in the works for doing a nail related post for her but I'm still thinking of this weeks!