Monday, April 28, 2014

Guest Post : In Jeeb We Trust

Hey all,
I’m jeebjeeb from In Jeeb WeTrust.
When I heard Autty wanted some guest bloggers I was all over it!
And I knew I had to bust out something super fun for her readers.
Fun and color.
Because once it starts getting nice outside those are the two things on my mind.
So I give you lovely AuttyW readers my spring watermarble.

For the base I used Essie – Blanc
And then watermarbled with Sally Hansen – Lightening, Nubar – Faded Jeans
Models Own – Apple Pie, Essie – Lovie Dovie & Blanc

Unfortunately Apple Pie didn’t quite show up as well as the other colors.
And my pinkie fingers are pretty meh.
But that’s ok!
Every watermarble is a learning experience
I’m pretty damn happy with how they turned out.
What do you think?
Ever tried watermarble before?

I want to give Autty a big thank you for having me on her blog!
And I hope your spring has been fun and colorful!
You can find Gio on her blog
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Thank you so much Gio for the AMAZING post!! I can't describe how envious I am of this manicure! D: I've not watermarbled in a while because I've failed every single time! It's been years since I've had a sucessful one! *flails* Bah! I need to break out my polishes and try again!! 
Seriously y'all need to go check Gio out! Her blog is absolutely amazing and I can't thank her enough for doing this post for me! <3

xx Autumn


  1. Absolutely gorgeous water marble! I need to get brave and do one with more than two colors.

  2. You should try it! I tend to tape off my fingers, but I know some people who use oil or vaseline to block the mess.

  3. I bloody love it! I've done multiple color ones and it's fun!