Saturday, April 5, 2014

New TEMPTU Products!

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Hello everyone!
I hope that you all are doing well! I know that I've not done a Temptu - 88x31 banner post in a while and I promise my full review of the airbrush system IS coming! I wanted too share some of Temptu's new products! If you sign up for their emails, you may have seen it, and if not, I shall show you! WHY am I showing you?! Because I am bloody excited!

Temptu brought back the Foundation Duo's! You get TWO AIRpod foundations for $72 ($90) You may not think that it's a great deal, but the Temptu foundation AIRpods actually last a long while! I still have my original foundation! 

Temptu PRO
The NEW 2.0 Starter Kit.
Why is it considered "new" you ask?! Well, it comes in COLORS now besides black!!! The system above is shown in Orchid Purple. There is also Lime Green, Poppy Red (looks orange), Aquamarine, Hot Pink and of course the standard Black!

Can I just say that I wish I had the purple one!!! My system is different though because I don't have the gun, I just have the airpod part. I do need to get the gun for mine though.

This set retails for $250 and with it you get the system, SP-40 Airbrush, AIRpod Airbrush, Airbrush Cradle, Flex Air Hose, Travel bag. A/C Adapter, S/B Foundation Starter Set 12 Pack in 1/4 oz., S/B Airbrush Cleaner in 1/4 oz., Complimentary AIRpod Highlighter in Gold.

Can I just say that is an absolutely steal for this system!!! 

The next new product, or "set" is the S/B Radiand Orchid Set. Retails for $45
Radiant Orchid Set Includes in 1/4 oz. bottles:

S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl (051)
S/B Multicolor in Apricot (077)
S/B Blush in Peony Pink (045)
S/B Blush in Raspberry (047)
S/B Multicolor in Lavendar (079)
S/B Multicolor in Pearl (080)

There is SO MUCH want in this post right now!! Obviously I don't need a new system because mine is A-Ok but I totally could go for that Radiant Orchid set!!

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  1. That's nice to see! I've never tried their products but I've heard that there good :)

  2. I have a HUGE review to do for them, but I've been putting it off. They're really good if you have the money to spend!

  3. I am scared to death of doing airbrushing on myself! I have a vision in my head of what it would turn out like, and trust me, it ain't good.

  4. You know, I was terrified the first time I did it, but trust me it's really easy! You can even control how much coverage you want so it makes it easier to use! If you were closer I'd let you use my machine!