Friday, May 23, 2014

May Beauty Box 5


I hope you're all doing well amazingly!!

For your reading enjoyment today, I have May's Beauty Box 5... Is that all supposed to be one thing? Like BeautyBox5? I've seen it both ways.  *shrugs* So, I've had this box for a few days. It's taken me this long to post about it because...well I don't know. Maybe because I'm not entirely impressed with it. The reason I chose to try out BB5 was because they were running a deal on their facebook where you got your first box free! I don't know if they're still running it though, all I can suggest is checking it out.

Should I just put my thoughts at the beginning or make you wait?! Maybe it's better to just get them out of the way!? My biggest "ish" with BB5 was that they said it takes 5-7 days FROM the day it's shipped to reach you. Now, they're located in Texas and I am in Florida. I've gotten products from Canada quicker than I have from BB5. It took about 18 days for my box to finally reach its destination. That's really my only gripe is that it took so long. It is what it is though.

Onto what actually CAME in the bag box. Can you tell I'm used to MyGlam Ipsy?

The Theme of this box was Fresh and Focused. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion | Retail; 8.49

H2O Plus Spa Hand and Nail Cream | Retail; $15.00

Ban Total Fresh Cooling Body Cloths | Retail; 2.97 - 10 clothes

Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample | $55.00

Cattiva Precisione Eye Liner | Retail; $20.00

In the end, the only real gems of this box is the H2O Plus Spa Hand and Nail Cream and the eye liner. I've not tried the eyeliner yet but I'm obsessed with the Hand and Nail Cream. It's amazing!!  I don't know when I'll use the Aveeno lotion, that may wind up going the same way as the Ban and Harvey Prince.

I gave my sister the Ban cooling body cloths because they freak me out. It's totally irrational but I don't want to wipe something on my body to cool me down, especially if it's going to leave a powdery look. I have enough issues with that, especially when I wear the gloves at work that have that powder on the inside then BAM it's on your shirt and people wonder is that's drugs or something else. I also gave the the perfume sample, she's typically the one who gets them if I don't like the smell of it, or it has something I'm allergic too in it. This time, I'm not sure. It smelled okay, but just in case I wanted to give it to her. Plus, she was excited and happy about both. So, I made her day which made mine. Win/Win

Overall, I rate this box as okay. I wasn't too impressed for it for a first box. I wasn't really impressed with what I saw for this year period when I looked into past boxes. I'm going to give it a go for another month, which I WILL be paying for and we will see how it goes!

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  1. There's some nice items in the box. I think the eyeliner is the most exciting.

  2. Omg drugs! Hahaa you crack me up. I never get into beauty boxes because it seems like a bunch of stuff Ill never use. I'm picky :-/

  3. Drugs?! LMAO! You're right, the box looks a bit meh. I use that Aveeno lotion all the time though.

  4. Yeah! You know what I'm talking about! It was. Uhh I'll totally send it too you!

  5. Yes! No joke! I was REALLY into Ipsy, but decided too cancel and I still haven't cancelled BB5. It depends on what's in the box if I use it or not. I've used 2 out of all the products and gave the rest away.

  6. That and the hand/nail cream were the most exciting for me! The eyeliner I've used once. I haven't really formed an opinion on it yet.