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Anya's Corner ; Soft Paws

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Hello everyone!I hope you all are doing well!

I randomly stumbled across Soft Paws randomly when looking for stuff for Caturday. I know that I have missed way more Caturday posts then I have actually completed, but work has been getting to me. I work two stores quite a lot and I've been working late on Friday's and never have the time to get anything typed. It's slowed down a bit, so I'm going to work on cranking posts out! I also want to come up with a name for these posts instead of Caturday. Any suggestions?!


Soft Paws was designed/created to be an alternative to declawing your cat. Now, I have considered declawing Anya, we almost did when we got her fixed as a kitten but ultimately I decided against it because I didn't want to put her through all of that extra pain. I didn't know much about declawing, but I did adopt a declawed cat years ago. She still scratched at walls like she had her nails and what not, but of course it didn't do anything, unfortunately we don't have her anymore. :( When I stumbled upon the brand, I kind of stalked their page reading what people were saying, I googled reviews and everything. The main reason I wanted to try these out was because she likes to swipe at my Niece and Nephew, she isn't very fond of them because they used to terrorize her when she was a kitten, and they're starting to learn their lesson now. I know it's not nice to say, but it is what it is she doesn't use her nails, but on the times she does it's a little scratch. My biggest thing is the scratching. She's tore up a door frame as well as some of the wall. You should have seen what she did to the apartment wall! -_- 
I chose to get the Silver and Blue glitter. It's actually hard to decide which ones to get because they have so many to chose from! I had Chris, My Nephew and Niece help me decide. It was a unanmous decision for the Silver and Blue. Each kit contains 40 nail caps, two special adhesives, applicators and complete instructions. The entire kit retails for $18.95, which is actually a steal for these! I've seen ones at Petco for far more then this, although I can't find them now. 
The caps themselves are very soft so you know it wont be uncomfortable for you cat to wear. Any doesn't even seem to notice that they were there.I can't think of the kind of material that these are made from and it's bugging me.It's one of those, I KNOW what it is but for the life of me I can't think of the actual name! 

The glue they give you to apply these, smells like super glue, but I don't really think it is, since it's not exactly safe for animals. It dries very quickly so there wont be any down time for your cat. 
The Applicators fit right ontop of the glue so you can get is down into the ends of the caps, so you can make sure there is enough glue, so they stay on. Definitely don't try and overfill the cap, you don't need that much glue. 
The Instructions are VERY easy to read and understand, and that is something that I am grateful for. When it comes to Anya, I like to make sure things are easy to understand, that way there is less of a chance of screwing up. 
Application wise, for the first time is was super easy ONLY because she was asleep. It was a complete dream to apply them! However, when I had to replace one of the caps, because it fell off (which that's what they do when their nails shed) it was hell. I did them myself the first time, but the second time, I had to have Chris help me and we probably could have used another person. EVERY single time I went to put it on, she freaked out. Only because she wasn't sure what the heck was going on. 
These look so bloody cute on her! I can't get over how they look against her fur. I decided on two colors because she has two colored paws, plus I thought it would be fun! The destruction has pretty much stopped, even though she still scratches (all cats will), but she isn't tearing things up anymore because of the caps. 
I'm pretty grateful that she can't tear anything else up. Aren't these the cutest things you have EVER seen?! I was dying when I first put them on her because she looked so freaking adorable! 
In the end, I am extremely pleased with these and I think they're a FANTASTIC way to get your cat to stop scratching/tearing up your furniture and walls without having to declaw them. Declawing a cat can be very very dangerous and painful for you cat. I know that no one wants to put their animal through any extra unnecessary pain. 

Soft Paws comes in different sizes. Kitten, Small, Medium and Large. They give you a guide to help you decide which size would be better for your cat. You can even put them on Iguanas, Ferrets and Rabbits. Also Soft Paws is available for dogs! I didn't know that until Traci brought it to my attention! 

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The above mentioned products were sent for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Great to see it worked so well on your cat for you!

  2. How odd, I've never heard of anything like this! It looks like she has a glitter mani! I'm surprised she doesn't try to rip them off.

  3. I love it! I've been waiting for this post. :) And I'm sure it was crazy trying to get them on her when she was awake- it takes two people when I have to trim the rat's nails, lol!

  4. LittleMonsterx14May 3, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    First yay for more caturday posts!

    Second YAY for not declawing your kitty! its one of the worst things you can do to a cat. It doesn't best remove the nail, but the whole first knuckle of their digits. it causes them a lot of pain when they walk, and it can make them stop using the litter box. it can also make them bite more.

    My brother gets these for his kitties too. I love all the fun colors they come in. its perfect for us nail enthusiasts. i love that kitties can have cute "nail polish" too! Id get these so my cat, but i think she would kill me if i tried to put them on her haha.

  5. I know! It's been bugging me that I haven't been able to post on Caturdays! I work both stores and it's been really cramping my style! I'm going to be doing a subscription box really soon! I know! I'm glad I didn't declaw her! I was never told how painful it was for cats period. Everyone is always "Oh it doesn't hurt them, etc", but I'm glad that I know now!

    Bahahah! I LOVE that they look like they have their own nail polish! Oh Anya tried when I replaced the one. Chris couldn't even hold her down.

  6. Bahah! I'm sorry that it took so long! D: Work = crazy!
    Oh my goodness she was like a demon!!! I have to replace one of the silver ones and I'm dreading it! Oh lord, that sounds like a huge chore! I'd feel bad doing that!

  7. I hadn't either until a month ago! She doesn't!! She doesn't even really care that they are on. I'm surprised she doesn't care that they're on!

  8. I'm really glad they did! I was worried because Anya is crazy

  9. My hubby and I have been interested in these for a while and waiting to purchase them when we have the funds! I'm so glad that you did this review. I know my cats will probably hate the application process, but it will save us a lot of unwanted nail-sharpening on the carpet and scratches on us from their clumsy jumping and maneuvering. XD

  10. They look darling on her little paws! I want to try these with my cat, but I don't know if they'd last. He's a demon in a catsuit.

  11. They'll fall off themselves, but they last a pretty long while. I've only had to replace 3 of Anya's so far, which is pretty good. I thought they wouldn't last on her either. She's the same! I call her the Demon from hell.

  12. Oh I hear you about the whole scratches thing! I've got to trim her back nails because they're like razor blades! I didn't have a problem replacing the one I did yesterday she didn't seem to care too much. In my opinion, it's best to get them on when they're sleeping!

  13. So cute! My cat is a constant kneader. So it would be so nice to be able to cuddle with him without worrying about getting scratches on your neck/face...I can't even fault him cause he's just expressing comfort/happiness/etc. but still he doesn't realize it hurts! lol

  14. OMG, this is too precious!! You should give her little kitty accent manis with these!! Mix them up on each paw like we do with our hands!! I wish I could do these, but they'd just be for looks. And my cats would kill me as I tried. :( Lol

  15. She actually has an accent mani now on one paw! Bahahah. I'm going to get her bright ones when I order. It actually wasn't too bad when I had to replace the most recent one. When I had to replace 1 the first time after application even with Chris holding her, she was like the spawn from Satan.