Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites!

Hello Hello! Welcome to my September favorites!

This post is a link-up with the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida! I love doing link-ups with the ladies!

First up we have BFTE Cosmetics Pumpkin EVERYTHING! collection
I have been completely obsessed with all 4 colors from this collection, so I HAD to add it! I know you all are probably tired of hearing about it and I promise my review is coming soon! Unfortunately though you can't buy it anymore because it was Limited Edition. I'm sorry!

Product numero dos is Graftobian Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid*
I got this last year at The Makeup Show Orlando and though I had rarely used it, I've been using it loads with the above eye shadows as well as I used it to moisten my cruddy eyeliner that dried up on me. It's an awesome product!

Next up is Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Now, I was all against buying this for no particular reason other than it being expensive. I ALMOST returned it, but I'm in love with the product! It really is fantastic! Dare I say I like it better than UDPP?!

Lastly is my Givenchy Nior Couture  4-in-1 Mascara in Black Satin
Now, I know you're thinking "you were just complaining about TFSI, and you have a Givenchy mascara?!?!" Well my dears, it was a sample that I got from Sephora ages ago and have been avoiding using it because it's 1) expensive for the full sized ($32) 2)it's super luxe. This mascara though it is amazing! I would definitely shell out the $32...kinda I would probably wind up regretting it after I bought it, because this mascara is amazing. I'll do a review on it as well!

Okay, I have ONE non-makeup product. I have been absolutely obsessed with Hi-Chews.

Seriously, where have these been all of my life?! I need more!

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The Graftobian Magic Set was provided free from The Makeup Show


  1. HI-CHEWS. Damn, those just brought back some memories of getting them from the drugstore on my way home from school with friends... figures that the only thing I've tried of all these favorites is the candy. ;)

  2. There is no shame in that! I definitely need to run to the store and get more!

  3. Can you believe I've never tried Hi Chew? And, I have that sample mascara, too... and haven't used it for about the same reason. lol!